bhai dooj celebration


Bhai Dooj Celebration

festival of lights and fire-crackers, sisters all over India get ready for 'Bhai Dooj'.

Yamadwitheya is from the legend of god Yama Raja (the Hindu mythological god of Death)himself and it is one of the most commonly told story of Bhai Dooj. Here, the story told as after Yama Raaj long separation from his sister Yamuna or Yami. On the Dwitheya or the Dooj or the second day of the new moon When Yami met his brother Yama (also know as Dharam Raj) and welcomed whole heartedly, applied red tilak on his brother forehead and treated him a special meal. Yamaraj was overwhelmed receiving the warm welcome from his sister and he announced that whosoever receives a red tika from his sister on the day of Dooj will not be hurled to hell. Since that day Bhai Dooj is also known as Yamadwitheya.

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