benefits of rambutan fruits

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Eliminates Free Radicals

Benefits of Rambutan fruits

Eliminates Free Radicals

The main compounds of rambutan is Gallic acid. This compound behaves like a free radical scavenger that protects our body from oxidative damage and is particularly helpful to fight cancer. When you eat rambutans or other foods that are rich vitamin C, you increase your body's natural ability to flush out heavy metals and other toxins as well as to deal with stress. Vitamin C also promotes healthy, youthful skin by scavenging free radicals and by enhancing your body's ability to produce new collagen.

Healing fever
Protector of Free Radicals
Rambutans fruits
Useful aspects of the fruit
Rambutan is rich in sugar
Leaf of the fruit
Skin care
Nourish hair
Other uses
Anti oxidant components
Rambutans are also a good source of copper
Healthy digestion
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