benefits of rambutan fruits

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Benefits of Rambutan fruits

71. Bark of the tree
The bark of the rambutan plant may be used to treat canker sores and also helps in healing of chapped lips; making the lips moist. When you eat rambutans or other foods that are rich vitamin C, you increase your body's natural ability to flush out heavy metals and other toxins as well as to deal with stress. Vitamin C also promotes healthy, youthful skin by scavenging free radicals and by enhancing your body's ability to produce new collagen.
72. Leaf of the fruit
The leaf is used in medication that treat diarrhea and in shampoos to make the hair black. Also in saloon treatments of the hair, the leaves are used. rambutan pulp provides about 40 milligrams of vitamin C, which corresponds to 66% of the daily value (DV) for vitamin C. Vitamin C is perhaps best known as a dietary remedy for the common cold and flu, but it also provides a number of other health benefits.
73. Seeds of rambutan
The seeds hold their own importance for they become useful in relieving a diabetic patient from pain, especially in diabetes mellitus. the rambutan fruit is best eaten raw. Simply peel off the hairy skin and pop the white juicy flesh into your mouth. But be careful not to eat the bitter seed that is hidden inside the white flesh.
74. Use of Rambutan fruit
Rambutan fruit is a sweet and pleasant fruit. Many gulp it down easily, others incorporate it in smoothies. Areas where it is available, high priced drinks and salads are also available. But now it is also exported to all parts of the world. It may be available in the form rambutan soups, rambutan ice creams, rambutan seafood salad, rambutan with red curry pastes, rambutan with smoked meats and with coconut cream also.
75. Useful aspects of the fruit
Other than the above mentioned uses, this fruit is also contains vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, potassium and calcium also. Moreover, quantities of manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin C and even a high quantity of fiber are available. This makes it suitable for anyone with any condition for it is useful for everyone. Also, it has Gallic acid that is needed by our body to protect its parts from oxidative damages, also, helps fight cancer cells. Phosphorous is another element present in rambutan that helps in the removal of kidney waste and also helps in the repair and healing process of the tissues in our bodies.
76. It is a wonder fruit
It is a wonder fruit used by many experts in their treatments against many problems as mentioned above. There are many products available I the market that contain rambutan and it is being widely exported to many parts of the world. Also, it is being cultivated in many new parts as well because of its high demand. It calms the nerves and keeps a person active. It is also used in curing simple problems like neck and head pains for it relieves a person from stress. It also contains anti depressants, something most of the older generation is taking on daily or weekly basis. So why not go for something natural that helps resist all such diseases or reduces them at least. Rambutan is highly recommended by experts to add in our daily diets according to its availability in our region.
77. The high fiber content of the fruit
Rambutan benefits are also possible because of the high fiber content of the fruit. The fiber helps sweep the lower intestinal tract from accumulated toxins and also aids in making you feel full faster so you can regulate your food intake and prevent overeating. rambutan fruit is best eaten raw. Simply peel off the hairy skin and pop the white juicy flesh into your mouth. But be careful not to eat the bitter seed that is hidden inside the white flesh. Source: facts/rambutan fruit health benefits.php#ixzz3AcpusDD8
78. Improve the circulatory system
The iron, copper, and manganese in rambutan are responsible for many benefits that serve to improve the circulatory system. Iron and copper are essential in the creation of red blood cells which helps improve the bloods ability to carry oxygen from the lungs to the organs. Manganese, on the other hand, helps in activating enzymes that are responsible for triggering many bodily processes related to regulating various body functions.
79. Vitamins and minerals
Many rambutan benefits are due to the abundance of many vitamins and minerals in the fruit. We already mentioned that Vitamin C is present in the fruit but there are also healthy amounts of Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, manganese and proteins among others.
80. Good source of beta carotene
Rambutan is a good source of beta carotene which is a popular form of antioxidant also found in tomatoes, bananas and other fruits with a yellowish tinge. On top of the beta carotene, there are also other forms of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and flavonoids. A regular diet containing these healthy substances can help keep illnesses at bay as antioxidants are popular for their ability to promote healing and prevent illness by neutralizing the common causes of cellular damage known as free radicals.

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