benefits of pomegranates

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Increases your libido

Benefits of Pomegranates

Increases your libido

A glass of pomegranate juice consumed daily helped boost testosterone levels in both men and women. This makes pomegranate a natural aphrodisiac that is great for your sex life. The fruit only has 130150 calories, with around 105 calories being derived from the seeds. The pomegranate is a nutrient dense food source rich in phytochemical compounds.

Slow Aging
Nutritional Value of Pomegranate
Maintains Blood Sugar Levels
Maintains Blood Pressure
Suited for All Skin Types
How to De Seed a Pomegranate in Three Simple Steps
Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Women
Keeps you looking younger
Improve blood flow
Reduce Inflammation
Treat Prostate Cancer
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