benefits of oregano

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Benefits of Oregano

21. Thymol and carvacrol
Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, two oils which have remarkable bacteria fighting power. In fact, researchers recently discovered that oregano is a better treatment for giardia than the prescription drug commonly prescribed to treat the illness.
22. Oregano oil
Oregano oil is not generally considered safe during pregnancy, though culinary use of oregano leaf is considered fine. Due to its highly potent nature, it should always be diluted for use on the skin or when taking internally. I am not a doctor or medical professional,, and you should always consult your doctor before taking any herbs or beginning any health routine.
23. Selection and storage
Fresh as well as dried oregano are readily available in the herb stores all around the year. If permitted, try to buy fresh herb over the dried form since it is superior in flavor and rich in essential oils, vital vitamins and anti oxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C, and folates.Choose fresh oregano leaves featuring vibrant green color and firm stem. It should be free from mold, discoloration or yellowing. Try to buy dried oregano from the organic farm and processed from authentic sources since it assurances you that the product is free from irradiation and pesticide residues.
24. Excellent source
This marvelous herb is an excellent source of minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure caused by high sodium. Manganese and copper are used by the body as co factors for the antioxidant enzyme,superoxide dismutase. Iron helps prevent anemia. Magnesium and calcium are important minerals for bone metabolism.
25. An Effective Anti Bacterial
The volatile oils in this spice include thymol and carvacrol, both of which have been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus. In Mexico, researchers have compared oregano to tinidazol, a commonly used prescription drug to treat infection from the amoeba Giardia lamblia. These researchers found oregano to be more effective against Giardia than the commonly used prescription drug.
26. Potent Anti Oxidant Activity
Oregano contains numerous phytonutrients including thymol and rosmarinic acid that have also been shown to function as potent antioxidants that can prevent oxygen based damage to cell structures throughout the body. In laboratory studies, oregano has demonstrated stronger anti oxidant capacity than either of the two synthetic anti oxidants commonly added to processed food BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and BHA (butylated bydroxyanisole).
27. A Nutrient Dense Spice
Our food ranking system qualified oregano as a good source of fiber. Fiber works in the body to bind to bile salts and cancer causing toxins in the colon and remove them from the body. This forces the body to break down cholesterol to make more bile salts. These are just some of the reasons that diets high in fiber have been shown to lower high cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of colon cancer.Oregano also emerged from our food ranking system as a bountiful source of many nutrients. It qualified within our system as an excellent source of vitamin K, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of iron and calcium.
28. History
Oregano is native to northern Europe, although it grows throughout many regions of the world. It has been recognized for its aromatic properties since ancient times, with the Greeks and Romans holding oregano as a symbol of joy and happiness. In fact, it was a tradition for Greek and Roman brides and grooms to be crowned with a laurel of oregano.
29. Individual Concerns
Oregano is not a commonly allergenic food and is not known to contain measurable amounts of oxalates or purines.
30. Oregano Nutritional Profile
Oregano is an excellent source of vitamin K and a very good source of manganese. It is also a good source of iron, dietary fiber, and calcium.

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