benefits of mangosteen

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What is the history behind it

Benefits of Mangosteen

What is the history behind it

Parts of the mangosteen tree, including the fruit and bark, have been used in folk medicine in Asian countries for many years. In the mid 1800s, a compound in mangosteen, mangostin, was identified as a xanthone, a type of anti oxidant. Mangostin was found to have anti inflammatory effects in rats in the late 1970s. Today, mangosteen is sold in the United States mainly through a network marketing system, in which independent distributors, rather than stores, buy and sell mangosteen juice. Many mangosteen products are also available from health food stores and on the Internet.

Depression and anxiety
Stomach disorders
Heal nerve damage
Anti Ageing
Helps prevent arteriosclerosis
Side effects
Prevents inflammation
Body weight
Mangosteen s Other Natural Compounds
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