benefits of kiwi fruits

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Pests and diseases

Benefits of Kiwi Fruits

Pests and diseases

Pseudomonas syringaeactinidiae(PSA) was first identified in Japan in the 1980s. This bacterial strain has been controlled and managed successfully in orchards in Asia. In 1992, it was found in northern Italy. In 2007/2008, economic losses were observed, as a more virulent strain became more dominant (PSA V).In 2010 it was found in New Zealand'sBay of Plentykiwifruit orchards in the North Island.

Stomach ulcer
Kiwi berries
Fruit Description
Constipation Prevention
Wash Properly before Eating
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Connective tissues health
A Delicious Way to Enjoy Cardiovascular Health
Quintessential Kiwi Research
Kiwifruit and Latex Allergy
Damaged sperm repair
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