benefits of kiwi fruits

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Benefits of Kiwi Fruits


The kiwifruit is a little fruit holding great surprises. The most common species of kiwifruit isActinidia deliciosa, commonly known as Hayward kiwi. Inside of this small, ovalshaped fruit featuring brown fuzzy skin resides a brilliant, semitranslucent emerald green flesh speckled with a few concentrically arranged white veins and small black seeds. Its flesh is almost creamy in consistency with an invigorating taste reminiscent of a mixture of strawberries and bananas, yet with its own unique sweet flavor.

Clearer complexion
Nutrient Values in Kiwi Fruit
No fat
Cardiovascular and Colon Health
Kiwifruit and Latex Allergy
Connective tissues health
Lowering Blood Pressure
Treats respiratory disorders
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