benefits of kiwi fruits

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Constipation Prevention

Benefits of Kiwi Fruits

Constipation Prevention

The kiwi may have a mild laxative effect and could be used as a dietary supplement especially for elderly individuals experiencingconstipation. Regular consumption of kiwifruit was shown to promote bulkier, softer and more frequent stool production. Kiwifruit seeds are an excellent source of omega3 fatty acids. Research studies show that consumption of foods rich in omega3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and help prevent the development of ADHD, autism, and other developmental disorders in children.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure
Constipation Prevention
Fights male impotency
Boosts Your Immunity
Animal consumption
Better Sleep
Cardiovascular and Colon Health
Kiwi Seeds
Kiwifruit and Latex Allergy
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