Benefits of Jackfruits
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Demerits of jackfruits
Over eating of jackfruits may cause problems related to stomach which includes diarrhea. Another point to note is that never drink water along with jackfruits because this is not good for your health. Also note that people who are having allergic reactions must avoid eating this fruit. People who are suffering from diabetes must also avoid jackfruits because of their sweetness. In general we can say that if you feel unhealthy after eating jackfruits, you must consult a doctor immediately & take the medicines according to his/her prescription only. Always avoid selfmedications.

Colon Cancer
Jackfruit growing
Fights wrinkles
Jackfruit is helpful for sleeplessness loss of memory and poor concentration
Maintain a Healthy Eye and Skin
Jackfruit how to eat
Culinary uses for ripe fruit
Jackfruit is a heating or warming food

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