benefits of iceberg lettuce

Stir fried Lettuce for chinese dish

Benefits of Iceberg lettuce

Stir fried Lettuce for chinese dish
Stirfried iceberg lettuce is a traditional Chinese dish thought to bring good luck. You can substitute any hearty, crisp lettuce you might have in this recipe. When leaf lettuce is left in the ground too long, it becomes very bitter, but even when its harvested properly, it still retains some of the bitterness. Therefore, in order to get the most nutrition from your salads, mixing iceberg lettuce with leaf lettuce will greatly reduce the bitterness while maintaining important nutrients.

Stimulates Hair Growth
Amount of potassium
History Of Iceberg Lettuce
What is Iceberg Lettuce
Low Glycemic Index
Lettuce is Alkaline Forming
Romaine lettuce
Whole Life Food
Bone health
More Iron
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