benefits of fenugreek seeds and leaves

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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

61. Protein and nicotinic acid
Enugreek is also a great source of protein and nicotinic acid. These nutrients lend benefits of fenugreek that are specific to hair. It foster hair growth and is good for the general health and shine of hair.
62. Sources
Fenugreek seeds and extract comes from the plant Trigonella foenum graecum L and has been used historically for various uses such as antispasmodic, appetite stimulant, high cholesterol, wounds, blood cleanser, and expectorant effects. It is derived from both Ayurveda (mostly) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (to a lesser degree) and unlike most traditional medicines it also appears to be a condiment.
63. Absorption
Fenugreek as a whole can attenuate the absorption of carbohydrates by acting as an alpha amylase and maltase inhibitor (starch and maltose digestive enzymes, respectively).
64. Mechanisms
It has been noted that the steroidal saponins per se do not possess significant influence on glucose metabolism and that de gumming Fenugreek (removing soluble fibers) reduces the ability of Fenugreek to attenuate post prandial blood glucose spikes.
65. Pancreas
A protective effect on pancreatic beta cells has been noted with fenugreek seed ingestion in diabetic rats which has been noted with the isolated steroidal saponin content.
66. Interventions
In streptozotocin induced diabetic rats, 1,500mg/kg of fenugreek seeds daily for 21 days was associated with a 58% reduction in blood glucose levels (still 116% higher than true control) with no significant influence on insulin.Reduction in blood glucose have also been noted in Alloxan induced diabetic rats (2 8g/kg of the seeds).
67. Fat Metabolism and Obesity
One study using fenugreek at 2,500mg twice a day for 3 months noted no changes to blood sugars or blood lipids in healthy individuals, but a reduction in blood sugar in persons with Type II diabetes and a reduction in blood lipid parameters (cholesterol and triglycerides) in persons with both Coronary Artery Disease and diabetes.This suggests that fenugreek has the ability to lower blood lipids, but it works vicariously though fixing problems in glucose metabolism.
68. Skeletal Muscle Mass and Performance
When administered at 900mg and in conjunction with 3.5g Creatine monohydrate, fenugreek+creatine appears to be as effective at increasing lean body mass and strength over 8 weeks as creatine alongside 70g dextrose. A few problems with this latter study include no true control group (comparative study), the Fenugreek group weighting less and pressing more at baseline (possibly poor randomization), and funding from Indus Biotech.
69. Thyroid Hormones
In rats given exogenous thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) in order to induce high blood sugar, 220mg/kg of the seeds of Fenugreek was able to suppress the rise in blood glucose and the rise of thyroid hormones; the potency of which being comparable to 500mg/kg Allium sativum and 10mg/kg propyl thiouracil (known anti thyroid as active control).
70. Liver
Fenugreek has been noted to protect against oxidative liver pathology at 5% of male rat feed against Aluminum Chloride toxicity.Fenugreek appears to be recommended for Alcohol related complications according to its traditional usage, similar to such herbs as Pueraria lobata and Hovenia dulcis.

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