benefits of endives

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Benefits of Endives

41. The bitter taste of the Endive
The bitter taste of the Endive is due to it containing insulin which acts as a diuretic and helps stimulate the appetite. Currently, there is a debate that is underway on the nutritional and health values of insulin.It has been found that consuming endive, celery and carrot extracts help in lowering asthma attacks whilst a mixture of endive, celery and parsley juice is a good blood tonic especially for those with anaemia.
42. Cooking & Storage Tips
Use endives raw in salads or cook them just like spinach. Since endive is slightly bitter, it adds zest to a mixed salad.Crispiness, tenderness and freshness determine the quality of endive. This can be found by breaking or twisting a leaf.Do not drink plain endive juice, since it is in bitter taste. Mix it with other vegetable juices, to make it extra effective in nourishment of the optic nerves and muscular system.Wash endive leaves thoroughly under running water, to remove dirt and sand before consuming it.
Endive is enriched with good amount Vitamin A and
Endive is widely consumed all over Europe and in some American states. Although this green leafy vegetable contains high concentrations of bitter glycosides and inulin, no known side effects so far has been noted, when eaten in moderation.
Endives are crisp and bitter when raw, making them a great addition to brighten up salads. When cooked, endives sharp flavor softens into a mellow sweetness
46. Endives plant
As a plant, the endive lettuce is closely related to the dandelion. It is of higher quality and there is a greater range of culinary possibilities than when considering the ordinary lettuce. Even within the endive family there are several species with slightly different nutritional and medicinal properties. The energetic value of endive is larger than that of lettuce
47. Endive juice
When it comes to the therapeutic properties of endive juice, this plant has nutritional elements that are capable of strengthening our sight. Here, endive works very well in conjunction with carrot, parsley and celery juice to improve the optic and muscular system. Two or three cups a day of this juice combination can help improve eye sight and alleviate various problems with the eyes.
48. Healthy ways to Prepare Belgian Endive
Belgian endivecan be served raw or cooked; certainlythe most nutrients will be taken in if eaten raw by adding it to salads. It has been used in stir fried meals as well as saut
49. Nutrients Found in Belgian Endive
Belgian endive is an excellent source forVitamin Awhich is an essential vitamin to help with good eye health and vision and may protect the eyes from getting cataracts. It is also a good source offolate, which is beneficial to pregnant women to help protect against birth defects. Belgian endive is also high inVitamin Cwhich is an important vitamin in boosting the immune system and help fight off infections. It is also a good source ofcalciumto help build strong teeth and bones. Belgian endive is an excellent food to eat to help protect against heart related diseases as it islow in cholesterol and saturated fat.
50. Makes Skin Smooth and Moist
Being a good source of Vitamin E, endives can help you maintain the natural moisture of your skin. So, if your skin is dry, you must include it in your daily diet to hydrate your skin for a softer and younger looking skin. it is also essential vitamin for good eyesight. Consumption of natural vegetables/greens rich in vitamin A helps to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.

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