benefits of cloves

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Benefits of Cloves

11. Seasoning abilities
Its seasoning capabilities make it very easy to blend in many dishes, beverages and desserts. It helps to provide strong flavour and aroma to the food. Dried clove can also cause mouth sensitivity and irritation, as well as damage to dental tissues.
12. Sinusitis
Other benefits include overcoming sinusitis. This can be done by taking the powder of grounded cloves into your nose. This action must be done with a straw of adequate size.
13. Flatulence
Clove is mixed with water and used in the preparation of tea to overcome flatulence. Clove oil is unsafe to inject into the veins. It can cause severe breathing problems and lung damage.
14. Cold
Common cold can be treated effectively by drinking a lukewarm mixture made with ten drops of clove oil and honey. Drink it twice or thrice a day.
15. Aphrodisiac
Clove is also an aphrodisiac and its fragrance eliminates exhaustion and fatigue related thoughts. Clove contains eugenol. Eugenol is the part of clove that might slow blood clotting. Eugenol is very fragrant and gives allspice and clove their distinctive smell.
16. Stress
It thus soothes the senses and relieves stress in the body. Mix cloves with basil, mint and cardamom in water to make aflavouredtea. Take this along with honey to provide you relief from stress.
17. The essential oil
The essential volatile oils functions as a rubefacient, meaning that it irritates the skin and expands the blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood to make the skin feel warmer, making it a popular home remedy for arthritis and sore muscles, used either as a poultice or in hot baths.
18. Clove buds
Clove buds are readily available year around in the spice markets. Good quality buds release sweet fragrance when squeezed between the thumb and index fingers. In the store, buy whole buds instead of powder since, oftentimes it may contain adulterated spicy powders. The buds should be wholesome with stem and sepals, and compact.
19. Storage
Whole cloves should be stored in cool dark place, in close containers for many months and can be milled using hand mill as and when required. Ground/powder clove should be stored inside the refrigerator in airtight containers and should be used as early as possible since it loses its flavor quickly.
20. Flower buds
Cloves are one of the highly prized spices, widely recognized all over the world for their medicinal and culinary qualities. They are the flower buds from evergreen rain forest tree native to Indonesia.

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