benefits of chives

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Benefits of Chives

81. Make eggcellent eggs
Fancy up the flavor at brunch when you sprinkle chopped chives on your scrambled eggs or add them to your omelets. If you really want to whip up some eggcellent eggs, why not try Chive Infused Deviled Eggs? This tasty treat is the perfect dish for a summer picnic or potluck!
82. Soups
Lettuce and pea soup with chives
83. Vegetables
Asparagus with favas and chives
84. Main Dishes
Creamy veal and mushroom stew showered with chives
Chives have been used in cuisines the world over, and really have no place in any one specific style. If you had to point to where is sees the most action, Asiatic cooking would be one of the most common.
Chives are perhaps the mildest of them all. Because of this they tend not to be used so much for flavoring as they are for garnishing dishes. The flowers make nice additions to salads, and the straight nature of chives lend themselves to being used as a very graphic element when placed as a garnish.
The mild nature of the Chives, dried Chives dont really pack a flavor punch. They also can lose their color quite easily in the freezedried form you can buy in a jar. If a recipe calls for them and you cant secure fresh, dried can do in a pinch.
Chives are very fragile as far as herbs go. The thin tips of the shafts will wilt quite rapidly at room temperatures making this a product that is not well suited for buying ahead of time. If you have to hold it for a length of time, I will lay out a lightly dampened paper towel and distribute the chives over the towel in pretty much a single layer. Then roll the towel and place in the warmest part of your fridge.
Chives are great for gardens. They survive most climates very well, are heardy, but not so much as to take over the garden. The lower height makes them a great plant for the front row as it wont block light to the rest of the garden. Given enough time, chives can reach well over 12 inches and produce very pretty lavender colored flowers.
90. Spring Flower Salad
Use chive flowers anywhere you would use fresh chopped chives

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