benefits of chives

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Benefits of Chives

71. In the Garden
Chives are members of the lily family grown for their leaves and flowers, which are equally popular in the garden and in the kitchen. Both onion and garlic chives are grown and used in a similar fashion. Some gardeners use onion and garlic chives as a perennial edging or border plant in a flower border or an herb garden. They also grow well in containers, both alone and in combination with other longlived herbs such as rosemary.
72. Where to Grow Chives
Chives are a perennial warmseason herb, hardy to frost and light freezes and the earliest to appear in the spring. They also thrive in a cool greenhouse or on a kitchen windowsill.
73. Soil for Chives
This herb likes rich and well drained soil, but can be found growing wild in dry, rocky places in northern Europe and in the northeastern United States and Canada. Chives prefer sandy soil with plenty of organic matter (this is important for perennial herbs in general) and good drainage. When youre preparing the soil, dig in a low nitrogen (51010) fertilizer at a rate of 1/2 pound for 100 square feet.
74. Chive Pests
Chives are troublefree. Onion thrips may be a problem in a commercial onionproducing area, but they shouldnt bother plants that have enough water. the green leaves contain other flavonoidphenolic antioxidants such as carotenes, zeaxanthin, and lutein.
75. Prevent erosion of your soil
Chives have very dense roots. Because of this, they help strengthen your soil and keep it in place. Who knew? Plant some chives wherever soil erosion seems to be a problem. Over time it will come back stronger and thicker really protecting your soil.
76. Banish plant mildew
Mildew can really harm your plants and ruin all of your hard work. Instead, create a concoction of chopped chive leaves and water. Boil the mixture for several minutes over the stove and when cool, place in a spray bottle. Spray plants to protect them from mildew.
77. Fancy up your fish
Chives pair well with fish dishes. Season your fish with a sprinkling of chives or marinate before cooking in a mixture of chives and olive oil. So tasty and healthy! Chives are small perennial herbs growing in clumps, probably originated from Siberian highlands. The herb grows best in full sun and a welldrained soil. Plants can be grown from seed or divisions of 2 to 3 bulbs. Fullygrown plant reaches about 812 inches in height.
78. Boost up your breads
Add chives to butter or cream cheese and stir well. Spread on bagels, toast, crackers and other breads to give them a kick of natural onion flavor. These spreads are perfect for taking on picnics. cientific studies suggest that vitamin K has a potential role in bone health by promoting osteotrophic (bone formation and strengthening) activity. Adequate vitaminK levels in the diet help limiting neuronal damage in the brain; thus, has established role in the treatment of Alzheimers disease.
79. Spice up salad dressings
Chive flowers added to plain white vinegar will not only add some flavor but will turn the liquid a soft lilac color as well. This makes it perfect for serving at wedding and baby showers, special brunches, or just when you want to feel a tad fancy.
80. Add to ice cubes
You can add chives to ice cubes to fancy up mixed drinks. Some people even like the flavor of chives in beverages such as Bloody Marys or Martinis. Get creative and try experimenting with chives in your beverages!

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