benefits of chives

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Benefits of Chives

41. Cooking Chives
Chives flavor very best in their uncooked state. If you wish to cook them, it is best to include them at the conclusion of the cooking process, so the flavor stays undamaged. Chives are not only seen included the entire process of cooking, but they are also utilized for garnishing.
42. Allium Herbs Have Universal Appeal
Chives are part of a large genus of approximately 500 species of mostly strongsmelling perennials that contain bulbs or underground stems. These allium herbs include garlic, onions, scallions, leeks, and chives, and belong to the lily family.
43. Chives Can Color Your Plate
The spring garden takes on a colorful attractive appearance when the chives (Allium schoenoprasum) bloom in May and June. The pretty lavenderpink globular flower heads of chives not only beautify the garden, but they can also be used as a garnish for salad dishes.
44. Chives Are Hardy
Chives are native to the cool regions of Europe and Asia. Now they grow wild in North America, especially around the Great Lakes region. They can even be found growing wild in your backyard lawn. Chives are a popular hardy garden plant that grows from 8 to 15 inches tall.
45. The Leaves Are Versatile
The greygreen leaves of chives are cylindrical and hollow, and should be harvested before flowering. A positive aspect of the plant is that the leaves can be harvested whenever they are needed, since the leaves will quickly regrow. After flowering, the leaves should be cut back to about three inches above the ground so that the plant will produce new leaves.
46. Soups Stews Salads and Sauces
Chives are widely used in stews and soups, especially potato and asparagus soups. The chopped leaves can be sprinkled in salads or used to flavor various sauces, dips, soy mayonnaise, and sour cream. Chives can also be used to garnish cottage cheese, and potatoes.
47. Other Cousins
A relative of chives is garlic chives (Allium tuberosum), a perennial that possesses leaves which are brighter green, flatter and more angular. The garlic chives have larger bulbs, and starshaped white flowers. Garlic chives can be used in many ways that are similar to that of regular chives.
48. High folic content of chives
The high folic content of chives means that it is also very good for the heart. Folic acid helps by preventing the bunching up of homocysteine
49. Improve the metabolism of the body
Chives are rich in manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, iron and calcium. This helps to improve the metabolism of the body. Fresh chives are rich source of folates. 100 g leaves provide 105
The properties and characteristics of Allium schoenoprasum (Chives),namely its anticancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and are mainly due to the high amount of active constituents exerting those properties found in chives, mainlyallicin (produced from alliin), flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic compounds...etc.

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