benefits of chives

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Benefits of Chives

21. Treatment of Dull Hair
Remove the chives from the boiling water and cool in a bowl of icy water for 12 minutes. Squeeze out the water and place the chives along with ? cup of extra virgin olive or canola oil in a blender. Chives surprisingly comprise more vitamin A than any other allium family member vegetables. 100 g of fresh leaves contain 4353 IU of vitaminA or 145% of daily recommended levels.
22. Treatment of Hair Loss
Chive hair masks have been found to be effective in slowing hair loss as well as improving hair growth and thickness. Chive juice can prevent hair loss by improving blood circulation in the scalp. If you are suffering from hair loss, you can try applying freshly squeezed chive juice directly onto your scalp.
23. Calories and Fat
Chives can be a healthy alternative to other flavorings as they are relatively low in calories and saturated fat. A quarter cup of chives offers just 4 calories. It does not contain sodium and each serving of chives provides only one tenth of a gram of fat.
24. Vitamin A
Chives contain abundant amount of vitamin A in the form of betacarotene. During digestion, this betacarotene is split into two vitamin A molecules by the enzymes. A quarter cup serving of chives provides 522 International Units or IUs of vitamin A.
25. Vitamin K
A quarter cup serving of chives provides 26 micrograms of vitamin K which is approximately onefifth of the daily recommended intake for men and 29% for women.This vitamin activates a number of enzymes in your body, including those required for bone mineralization and cell growth.
26. Improved Heart Health
Chives contain allicin, an organosulfur that is being studied for its ability to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Spang said allicin releases nitric oxide, reducing stiffness in the blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure.
27. Allicin
Chives are a notable source of this nutrient as well. Cathy Wong and Sabra Ricci report in their book, The Inside Out Diet, that allicin might contribute to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, which improves your overall health, particularly that of your heart. Allicin aids in cholesterol management by reducing your LDL levels and increasing your HDL levels. This nutrient might also cut your blood pressure and prevent dangerous blood clots.
28. Digestion
Eating chives might help your body digest your food better and make use of more nutrients food offers. Chives work by getting rid of bacteria, yeast and fungi in your intestinal tract so that your entire digestive system works as it should.
29. Antibiotic
Chives have got antibiotic qualities. Natural antibacterial as well as antiviral agents within the veggie work together with vitamin C to eliminate dangerous microorganisms. This will make the plant a great natural defense against the common cold, flu as well as particular yeast infections.
30. AntiInflammatory
The plant includes a moderate antiinflammatory effect. Whenever included in your diet it can benefit prevent rheumatoid arthritis. The juice of the plant can be used an insect resistant. Whenever placed on wounds, it lowers fungal infections. The chive plant is abundant with vitamin C which will help to avoid bruises as well as wounds.

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