benefits of celery

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How to Select

Benefits of Celery

How to Select

Choose celery that looks crisp and snaps easily when pulled apart. It should be relatively tight and compact and not have stalks that splay out. The leaves should be pale to bright green in color and free from yellow or brown patches. Sometimes celery can have a condition called blackheart that is caused by insects. To check for damage, separate the stalks and look for brown or black discoloration. In addition, evaluate the celery to ensure that it does not have a seed stem, the presence of a round stem in the place of the smaller tender stalks that should reside in the center of the celery. Celery with seed stems are often more bitter in flavor.

Vitamins and minerals
Lowering blood pressure
Diabetes Health
Memory loss
Reduces Asthma Symptoms
Colon and stomach cancer
Word of caution
It cares for your eyes
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