benefits of celery

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Benefits of Celery

61. Salad
Add chopped celery leaves to vegetables or meat of your choice. Add salt and crushed pepper to the salad. For dressing, drizzle lime juice and olive oil. The use of herbs is a timehonored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Herbs, however, can have side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, you should take herbs with care, under the supervision of a health care provider.
62. Fruit salad
Mix a sliced apples, nuts such as peanuts raisins etc with chopped celery leaves in a bowl. Mix orange juice with mayonnaise and drizzle it over the mixture. Pregnant women should not use celery seed because it may lead to uterine bleeding and muscle contractions in the uterus, which could cause miscarriage.
63. Soups
Add celery stalks and leaves to soups, gravies etc. Some of the chemicals in celery stems and seeds can cause the skin to become very sensitive to the suns UV rays. Use sunscreen or sunblock lotions. Dont take celery seeds from a garden packet. These seeds have usually been treated with chemicals.
64. Word of caution
Celery seeds contain volatile oils, flavonoids, coumarins and linoleic acid and are therefore not good for pregnant women because they may cause contractions in the uterus. Other than that, eat as many of those crunchy, green, and healthy stalks as you can!
65. Bladder infections
With loads of analgesic, antiinflammatory and diuretic compounds, as well as some calcium blockers, celery seed extracts seem appropriate for treating bladder infections. few studies of celery seed, researchers dont really know whether it interacts with other herbs and medications. However, people who take these medicines should ask their doctor before taking celery seed.
66. Fungal infections
Celery is naturally resistant to pathogens during storage because it contains a melting pot of fungicides, with more than two dozen already identified. If youre prone to fungal infections or currently battling one, eat a celery stalk a day to keep those microbes in check.
67. Gout
The COX2 inhibitors present in celery and celery seeds are also good at reducing uric acid levels, which are the cause of gout attacks. Either eating four celery stalks or taking two to four tablets of celery seed extract daily can even eliminate gout attacks. Or you might try preparing a tea by pouring boiling water over 1 teaspoon of freshly crushed celery seeds and letting it steep for 10 to 20 minutes before drinking it. If you have a juicer, its a very good idea to drink freshly squeezed celery juice on its own or added to other fruits and vegetables. Drink a glass every day.
68. Hay fever
Celery comes on top of the list for foods that alleviate allergy symptoms. Also on that list are carrots, ginger, peppermint, parsley, turmeric, chamomile and cabbage. Celery seed also acts like a diuretic, so it could make the effects of these medications stronger, raising the risk of dehydration.
69. High blood pressure
Phytochemical compound present in celery, called coumarins, are able to tone the vascular system, lowering blood pressure and may even be useful in cases of migraines. Celery seed contains chemicals that may thin the blood. That could make the effects of these medications stronger, raising the risk of bleeding. Bloodthinners include aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin), and clopidogrel (Plavix).
70. Indigestion
Hungarians have long used celery to calm indigestion and Germanys Commission E, a government agency that evaluates the safety and efficacy of medicinal herbs, has approved its use for dyspepsia. It contains two dozen painkillers, more than two dozen antiinflammatories, 11 antiulcer compounds and more than two dozen sedatives to complement the activities of its three carminative compounds (carminatives are herbs or preparations that prevent or facilitate expulsion of gas).

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