Benefits of Cauliflower
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Promotes Heart Health
Cauliflower is a heart healthy vegetable. This means it helps in maintaining the heart and the cardiovascular system. To keep its flower heads creamy white, they should be protected from sunlight, which, otherwise would turn them green due to photosynthesis. Farmers in the field, therefore, cover closeby leaves together over the heads when they reach about quarter of their destined size. Fully grown flower heads should be harvested at the right time in order to avoid them turning overmatured. Overmatured head loses compactness and its surface become grainy, discolored, and no longer has tenderness, and flavor.

Cauliflower as a Goitrogenic Food
How to Select
The Healthiest Way of Cooking Cauliflower
Vitamin packed
Reduces Cancer Risks
Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Inhibited the growth of breast tumors

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