benefits of black berries

Blackberry Leaf Tea

Benefits of Black berries

Blackberry Leaf Tea

For a mild tea, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tsp. of dried leaves. Cover and let steep for 10 min.; strain. For a greater medicinal effect, make a decoction; Gently boil a handful of dried blackberry leaves in 1 qt. of water until about half of the water has boiled off. Drink 23 small cups of the tea daily.

Red Blood Cells
Germ Fighters
Free Radicals
Berries help fight pollution on skin and prevent wrinkles
Rejuvenates the Skin
Flavor from fermentation
Blackberry Native Habitat and Description
Skin Cleanser for Oily Skin
Amazing Antioxidants
Blackberry Cultivation
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