benefits of beetroot

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Heart health and blood pressure

Benefits of Beetroot

Heart health and blood pressure

A 2008 study published in Hypertension examined the effects of ingesting 500mls of beetroot juice in healthy volunteers and found that blood pressure was significantly lowered after ingestion. Researchers hypothesized this was likely due to the high nitrate levels contained in beet juice and that the high nitrate vegetables could prove to be a low cost and effective way to treat cardiovascular conditions and blood pressure. Another study conducted in 2010 found similar results that drinking beetroot juice lowered blood pressure considerably on a dose dependent basis.

Fight Inflammation
Benefits of Beet Juice Overview
Prevents Birth Defects
Improves physical activit
Reverses Chronic Diseases
Treats anaemia and fatigue
Nutritional value of beetroot juice
Lower Your Blood Pressure
Improving the digestive health
Lowers cholesterol
Heart health and blood pressure
Radiation protection
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