benefits of beetroot

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Benefits of Beetroot


Beetroot, also known simply as the beet, has been gaining in popularity as a new super food due to recent studies claiming that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. New products incorporating this highly nutritious food are sprouting up everywhere, especially in juices and drinks. Beetroot, or table beets, although from the same family as sugar beets (beta vulgaris), are genetically and nutritionally different. Sugar beets are white in color and commonly used for sugar extraction and sweetening manufactured foods. Sugar cannot be obtained from beetroot, which are most commonly found in red and gold varieties.

Eye Health
Beetroot is virtually fat free
Beetroot contains a pigment
Digestive help and regulating the metabolism
Fruits and vegetables
To do
Boosts brain power and may treat dementia
The Healthiest Way of Cooking Beets
Fight Inflammation
Keeps diabetes under check
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