benefits of beans

History of Black beans

Benefits of Beans

History of Black beans

Black beans and other beans such as pinto beans, navy beans, and kidney beans are all known scientifically asPhaselous vulgaris. (This scientific name refers to the genus and species of the plant; navy, kidney, pinto, etc. are different varieties of beans, all found within the speciesvulgaris). The word common is used to describe all of these different varieties, since the wordvulgarisin Latin means common. The common bean originated in parts of Central and South America. Even though the common bean falls into a different scientific category than the soybean, research in comparative genetics has shown that these two types of beans (Phaselous vulgarisandGlycine max) share many interesting genetic aspects.

Dry Beans Provide Beneficial Dietary Fiber
Antioxidant Support from Green Beans
Green beans contain excellent levels of vitamin A
Cardiovascular Benefits
Beans contain healthy amounts of minerals
How to Select and Store
Tips for Preparing Green Beans
Safety profile
How to select
Dry beans
Iron for Energy
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