baby friendly decorations ideas

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The unconventional classic

Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
The unconventional classic

Sometimes in the way we conceptualize decor, there can be a push pull relationship between classic and unconventional. But many of the most successful spaces mix these two sides of the spectrum. Unconventional elements can make a more traditional room seem alive, while classic elements can make an unconventional room seem livable. Here are some sample spaces that execute this balance well, and heres why they work.

Framed ghosts
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Trust your taste
Bryants modest mid
Cool modern bedroom
The Best of Our 8 Decor Styles
Black and white tile done right
No carve caterpillar pumpkin
The Unbreakable Decor of Kimmy Schmidt
Color inspiration
Audreys family collection
Carolines treasure hunt
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