baby friendly decorations ideas

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The Unbreakable Decor of Kimmy Schmidt

Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
The Unbreakable Decor of Kimmy Schmidt

Ive been watching Netflixs new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I love Kimmys youthful, colorful, and yet tailored style. The show is a visual treat, relying heavily on shades of pink, teal, purple, and yellow. Kimmys clothes and the apartment that she shares with Titus are effervescent, and even Mrs. Voorhees more sophisticated digs are light, modern, and graphic. Here are some colorful products that channel the unbreakable energy and spirit of the show.

Quaint cape
Deirdres classically elegant brooklyn brownstone
Scubas open house
Better together pairing
Shop the room
A christmas wish list
Julians turquoise tapestry room
Lindsays lovely southern vintage home
No carve caterpillar pumpkin
Cozy backyard
Bryants modest mid
Color inspiration
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