baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
61. Daniela and damons history filled home
While a young Czech girl spent her summers at a family cottage built by her great grandfather in the country outside of Prague, playing hide and seek with her great grand mum and eating cherries right off the tree, halfway around the globe a young Florida boy, immersed in the world of NASA, was developing a lifelong love of space travel. Three decades later, Daniela and Damons disparate pasts come together in a home filled with collections of sentimental objects that keep their individual histories very much a part of their everyday lives.
62. Scandinavian folk style kids decor
Do you ever feel nostalgia for something you never experienced? Perhaps in another life I grew up on a Swedish farm taking fika breaks with my mormor. Anyhow, Im drawn to the homey style of Scandinavian folk and think its particularly sweet in childrens rooms.
63. Modern canopy bed
I love the look of the canopy bed in this bedroom. Simple and classic and yet modern and fresh. I scoured the internet looking for this bed found it! and in the process rounded up a few really lovely modern canopy beds.
64. Kellys dream canvas
Im an Interior Designer and have always desired to have more space with which I can decorate. I recently moved from Manhattan to Jersey City where I found my dream canvas a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a townhouse overlooking Van Vorst Park. In my job, I often get to work with clients who have seemingly limitless budgets, but this is not the case in my personal life.
65. Scubas open house
Stephen Scuba Clark bought his house five years ago, and in that five years, not a month has gone by that he hasnt managed to add significant and beautiful upgrades to his home. All of the projects are custom, designed by Scuba, and typically built by his roommate, Jeremy. Scubas passion for life and travel is obvious in every corner of his home.
66. Kathleen and matts california craftsman
If youre a fan of Greene and Greenes Craftsman architecture, you are going to love this young couples home. Kathleen was living in New York and Matt was living in California when they got engaged. Kathleens wish for their home was that it be old, so Matt went on a mission to find a home with character. When he came across this Craftsman that had been beautifully restored by its previous owners, they both knew it was the one.
67. Heather and daves eclectic enclave
Meet Chula and Rio, the official greeters at Heather and Daves colorful Bernal Heights home. These affectionate pooches set the tone for this warm and inviting house and its tapestry of color, pattern and texture. Everywhere you turn youll find bold combinations of pieces from different eras and origins, creating a completely original feel.
68. The Best of Our 8 Decor Styles
Ever like a certain look, but cant quite put your finger on what the style is? This past year we started a catalog of eight distinct decor styles and highlighted everything from kids rooms, to furniture and even light fixtures that fit within these categories.
69. Quaint cape
It looks small but can host a bunch. When Kelly McKenna and her then husband bought the Duxbury, Mass., house in 1991, they had dreams of a head to toe reno. But it wasnt until 2010 that Kelly, a financial executive, had saved up enough money and decided to do the overhaul.
70. A Place for Everything and Everyone
Kelly says, My kids, Bella and Thomas, were having more and more friends over, and they would all cram into the little TV room. I wanted to make the house comfortable for a crowd. She remodeled this borrowed space from the garage to create an organized back entry. Since shes a total clutter hater, Kelly loves that theres a dedicated space for everyones stuff here built in cubbies for Thomas and Bellas backpacks, coats and shoes; another for Rileys leashes and dog biscuits. They drop beach towels and gym clothes in the rolling laundry bins on their way into the house.

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