baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
51. Anatomy of a Room
Take a look at this hallway vignette its full of white, wood and quirky collections but achieves it all without feeling cluttered. Which elements help it find this perfect balance? Read on.
52. Audreys family collection
When you visit Audreys clan at home in Lawrence, Kansas, its an unassuming beginning Their place is tucked into a relatively new housing development where the houses have a tendency to look similar to one another. Then you come inside and the familys penchant for DIY projects greets you in the entryway with wide, cant miss em stripes on the walls. And the evidence of their seemingly endless energy doesnt let up from there.
53. Deirdres classically elegant brooklyn brownstone
Long time Brooklyn resident Deirdre Donno has an an unparalleled eye for style. After many years of working in fashion merchandising, she settled down to dedicate her style to boutique clothing store Otto in Park Slope. A joint venture between herself and fellow store owner Annette Englander, the boutique reflects her classically elegant style with an emphasis on local designers and high quality forever pieces. That same philosophy can be seen in her home as well.
54. Everything Old is New Again
Layering multiple patterns in a room that is okay. Encouraged, even. But using the same pattern over and over and over in the same room can be. a bit much. To modern eyes, this 60s bedroom may look fussy, or precious. You would never see this in a contemporary space... or would you.
55. A Classic Blue Nursery for Baby Bud
This is the second time around for our small nursery. When it was revealed that baby #2 was a girl, we initially wanted to repaint and do a complete overhaul. But the blue is so soothing, we decided to update the space with new curtains instead.
56. Annies color splashed home
With a business called Bossy Color one naturally has a strong point of view when it comes to design. Enter Annie Elliott, the energetic designer behind Bossy Color Interior Design based in DC. When I photographed an interior project for one of Annies clients a few months ago, I had a hunch her own home would be a vibrant gem bursting with personality. And of course Annie and her sunny personality didnt disappoint.
57. A Gallery of New Traditional
New Traditional wallpapers use tried and true themes, like greek keys and paisley, without being stodgy or stale. What was perfect in days of yore works today as well. If you avoid all things trendy or flash in the pan, try these up to date interpretations and classics on for size.
58. New traditional house tour style
Classic design never goes out of style, and these timeless abodes take the new traditional look to the next level. If the magnificent maisons here say home to you, then prepare to fall in love with JCPenneys new home collection including MarthaHome, the inspiring new collection from the doyenne of impeccable design, Martha Stewart.
59. Carolines treasure hunt
Everything in my home has been discovered on a treasure hunt. Whether I was at a flea market, garage sale, or it is something a wonderful friend gave me, each piece is a little find. Being an artist, I am inspired everywhere I go. Color always stops me in my tracks hence my latest turquoise and chartreuse obsession.
60. Leslis bright and beautiful farmhouse
We are only the second family to live in an old farmhouse, built in 1880, and an integral part in the development if the town of Greenwood, Va. The house was intact, but in sad, neglected shape when we moved in, as a rental nine years ago.

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