baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
41. The unconventional classic
Sometimes in the way we conceptualize decor, there can be a push pull relationship between classic and unconventional. But many of the most successful spaces mix these two sides of the spectrum. Unconventional elements can make a more traditional room seem alive, while classic elements can make an unconventional room seem livable. Here are some sample spaces that execute this balance well, and heres why they work.
42. Fashioned west village atelier
Out the window, theres a tumble of rooftops and a church steeple or two. Inside, a palette plucked from Laduree, lavender fields, Hermes boxes and champagne labels, with a bit of gilding for good measure. While its one part atelier, including an artists garret of sorts, its the West Village, not the Left Bank. Life is good, and life is tres chic, in the fashionable home of interior designer Michelle Lin Greenip.
43. A Gallery of Creative Hex
Hex tiles those little bitty six sided tiles that are so common in bathrooms and in older buildings can be configured in almost infinite variations. Their tiny size makes them almost like little pixels, ready to be combined together into any pattern your heart desires. Here are some of our favorites.
44. Inspired traditional home
The Ebert familys 1940s traditional home is nestled in the historic neighborhood of Myers Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. The home has an interesting history, having been built as a single family home, converted into a duplex in the 1990s and then restored to a single family not long ago. Although beautiful when the Eberts purchased it a year ago, Jess has worked hard to put her creative touches on it, carefully sourcing every element to make it unique to their family.
45. A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
A throw tossed casually on a sofa says, Im carefree and welcoming and dont take my shoes off at the door. But a perfectly crisp folded blanket layered impeccably under a chair cushion says, Im put together. To add visual interest and texture to an orderly living room or bedroom without adding clutter, try this layered chair look on for size.
46. Black and white tile done right
Black and white tile its so classic and timeless. And its so simple, but sometimes it can be tricky to get simple right. There are so many options for using black and white tile, beyond the checkered tile that we all know and love. Here are 12 examples of beautiful and unique spaces where black and white tiles were done right.
47. Lindsays lovely southern vintage home
My home was built in 1910 in the Victorian style. It is in the 12South neighborhood of Nashville aka, the best neighborhood in Nashville . I have lived here for three years, and during this time I have worked to completely restore and rehab the house.
48. A dramatic classic worth considering
Black and white is a classic color pairing, but it looks dramatic and fresh on upholstered furniture. Its a big commitment, but as these pieces show, its artful, bold look is more than worth it.
49. Splurge Save or Steal
This white scallop shaped pendant has a sweet shape, but the thin trim and brass touches keep it sophisticated and elegant. Amazon lists this light for $856 which, for many of us, is out of the realm of possibility. See what you can get thats similar, yet cheaper.
50. Beautifully traditional townhouse
When Allyson and Matt began dating and eventually, decorating they quickly bonded over their shared love of furniture and antiques.

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