baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
21. Nod to Mod
Todays style board is a nod to mid century modern. There is something inherently mod about the flamingo motif, which played a big part in the inspiration for this design. The strong focus on simple geometrical pattern, dark woolly textures and walnut finishes is offset by subtle tones of white, ochre and dusty pink.
22. Chalkboard painted bathrooms
Since its often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is a playground for anyone wanting to explore and experiment with different design ideas. Dramatic decor, which can overwhelm a bigger room, somehow manages to work well on such a small scale. My favorite look for bathrooms right now rich and dark chalkboard walls.
23. A circus inspired nursery
The inspiration for this nursery came from my personal love for carnivals, circuses, and animals. From the beginning we knew we wanted to keep the sex of our little peanut a surprise, and we wanted a theme that was gender neutral, modern and very colorful, so a circus theme fit perfectly.
24. Eighties POP
True, the eighties gave us leg warmers, Flashdance, Thriller, crimped hair, questionable fashion, boom boxes, and the destruction of the Berlin Wall but most importantly, it introduced us to NEON.
25. Nico and Michelles Contemporary Condo
Michelle and Nico are one of my favorite couples in San Francisco. They met in a very kismet type of way Michelle spotted Nico, a French expat with his own interior architecture and design business Design By Nico , in a friends photo and was instantly smitten. She asked for an introduction and love at first sight led to a best friendship, an Acapulco wedding, and a daughter named Juliette. They are just good people who are always fun to be around.
26. Oliver and sherries mini bronx loft
After living and volunteering abroad, Oliver and Sherrie had to start their home from scratch. Their experience in a third world country had a big influence on the way they approached furnishing their apartment. After witnessing disadvantaged families cherish what little they had and realizing how much goes to waste in NYC, every effort was made to rescue and recycle what have now become the couples most cherished pieces.
27. Easy diy project
Its amazing how a fresh detail can totally transform a piece. Anyone feeling like their home workspace is less than inspiring should check out this easy DIY project. Inexpensive gold carpet trim gives this raw wood desktop a finishing edge and simple gilded style.
28. Janes Heritage Contemporary in London
I would call my style heritage contemporary as I love mixing old and new. I have to have lots of colour in my home as it makes me happy. I dont stick to any design ethic, I just trust my eye to create a well designed livable space I have three kids so white everything wouldnt work!
29. Andy Warhol in our House Tours
After I heard of his death this past Sunday, Lou Reed has been on my mind. Im not sure what I was looking for initially, but I started looking up house tours that feature works by Andy Warhol Warhol was the Velvet Undergrounds manager, and Lou Reed credited his career to him . What I came to find was that people are continually incorporating Warhol into their homes in creative ways, making work that is so well known and mass produced feel fresh and interesting.
30. Bold black and white striped offices and decor
Stripes promote order and organization, and a classic black and white color combination demands to be taken seriously. So when a room can combine the two, the result is a workspace with great working mojo that oozes with style.

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