baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
11. Home style might be
Mid century modernists love clean lines, informal living, and a love of the past. Think your home could pass as mid century modern? Here are ten signs to tell for sure.
12. Wendy and gavins bright white cottage
Wendy and Gavin share this incredible and cozy cottage with their two boys and two dogs. They have built a joyous home full of artwork and inspiration, designed with traditional and eclectic elements; an adorable family home.
13. Paint the Wall
I love when people display trinkets in their home; vignettes of beloved objects tell stories about their owners history, passions and personalities. An array of objets on a shelf is enough to start a conversation or create a focal point, but if you want to really drive attention to your collection, consider giving it a creative paint job. Its like a real life highlighter for your stuff.
14. Julians turquoise tapestry room
Switching from a nursery to a toddler room can be challenging. We moved into our new house when my son was about one year old, crawling and walking like a champ. So it was my chance to make the switch. My usual process is figuring out the main colors first, well this time it was different since I already had a few furniture pieces.
15. Empty Storefront Gets a Brite Makeover
Every city has its share of empty storefronts. In Boston, online ticketing platform Eventbrite has turned one such space into a pop up location for 15 events in ten days.
16. Little Art Lover Inspiration Board for Kids
Todays On My Shelf inspiration board is influenced by an appreciation for modern art and lovingly handmade toys, which are works of art in and of themselves. Vibrant gold floral wallpaper is the backdrop for a mini gallery wall of abstract, yet playful art prints.
17. A spring edition inspiration board
Anyone suffering alongside me during this miserably harsh winter can relate to my desperation for the little signs of Spring. The crocuses are struggling to make their debut, soon to be devoured by our resident garden bunny; the woodland creatures have emerged from their dens. So, in celebration of Spring and Easter, Ive found a perfectly happy, fresh wallpaper by one of my favorite artists, Helen Dardik, to serve as the backdrop for this weeks inspiration board.
18. Stylish Convertibles Cribs to Toddler Beds
Almost 5 years ago, when I began planning my son Alexs nursery, I didnt have a great vision of what I wanted his room to be beyond the crib stage. We looked into converting the crib to a toddler bed but it had such an awkward appearance, with very tall head/ footboard, such that it resembled the letter H. It also required the purchase of a conversion kit, so we opted for a full size bed and bypassed the toddler bed altogether. Looking back, I wish Id had the foresight to seek out a more elegant design. Ive selected 8 modern, stylish cribs which convert beautifully and seamlessly into beds. Many of them do not even require the additional purchase of a conversion kit.
19. How Plycraft Met IKEA and Made a Great Chair Baby
Sometimes, while thrifting and searching about you come across something amazing, and in perfect condition. This wasnt one of those times. Kelly found this old Eames style Plycraft chair whose leather was nasty, grime covered, torn and faded. There was no way shed harm a hair on the head of a real Herman Miller lounge chair, but this knock off was another story.
20. A happy modern geometric living room
We saw lots to like and be inspired by in the rooms of the professional project A Modern And Bright All Over Remodel. So we just had to source some objects that could help craft a similar feel for a living room. We found resources for two nearly identical living rooms one with high end finds and the other with surprisingly affordable options.

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