animal themed nail art designs

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Animal Themed Nail Art Designs

41. Free bird nails art
You can draw black silhouette of the birds on nude base to get the above look. You can flaunt this type nail art to show the free spirit side of your personality.
42. Love bird nail art
This love bird nail art looks very appropriate to show your love for someone or to show that you are in love with someone.
43. Owl nails
From the past year and half, owl nails have been trending among nail art lovers. You can draw owl on one of your nails and put polka dots on others to get the above look.
44. Colorful owl nails
You can also draw owls in different colors on all your nails to get a colorful look as shown above.
45. Baby chick nails
They are good for Easter and quite easy to do. First paint your nails with yellow color, then add black and white dots for eyes. Make a big orange dot for the beak. You can add a white zig zag tip to show the egg shell or add orange feet.
46. Frog nails
They look cute and lovely if done neatly and precisely.
47. Rubber duck nails
They look cute and very pretty. You dont need many skills to get them right on your nails. They look awesome if you are going for a baby shower.
48. Fish nails
Colorful fishes on blue base nails look very pretty and cute. They look very chic if you are going for a beach party or some water related activity.
49. Shaun nails
They look very cute on blue or any colorful background. You only need dotting tools to make them on your nails.
50. Bunny rabbit nails
This animal nail art look very nice on Easter. Bunnies on nails look cute and quite easy to make.Hope you got inspired by above animal themed nails. Do share your feed back with us in comments below for these animal nail art.

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