animal themed nail art designs

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Animal Themed Nail Art Designs

31. Panda nail art
Panda nails are done quite similar to the teddy bear nails but with black and white color. They look very cute if done neatly.
32. Panda nails
If you dont like drawing pandas on all your nails, then you can opt for doing one accent nail? and doing other nails with dots.
33. Hello kitty nails
This is one of the favorite nail look of almost all the nail art lovers. To do your nails in hello kitty designs, you will find many stickers, decals, stamping plates and nail wraps. You can draw hello kitty free hand too.
34. Cat nails
If you are cat lover you can go for this easy to do cat nails. To get this look, make a white rounded tip for the face and add two small triangles for the ears. Now draw two black dots for the eyes and one for nose. Draw mouth and mustaches of the cat. Do polka dots on all other nails. Top coat your nails to seal in your design.
35. Elephant nails
You can draw elephant on your nails for fun.
36. Monkey nails
You can also paint monkey on your nails.
37. Dog paw print nails
You can show some love for your pet dog by painting your nails with paw prints and bone.
38. Peacock nails
These look amazing, beautiful and very colorful. You need few colors to draw them and voila you are done. You can also use feather decals to get the look.
39. Angry bird nails
You can draw the angry bird on one nail, and do French manicure on other nails with red line.
40. Angry bird nails2
You can draw all the birds and piggies from the game on your nails to get the above look. In case you are not good at painting free hand, then you can use stickers and decals of angry birds to get the look.

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