animal themed nail art designs

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Animal Themed Nail Art Designs

21. French tips
You can make beautiful French tips with different animal prints as shown in the above picture.
22. Shiny zebra nails
Shiny zebra print over matte base. To get this look first paint your nails with matte black color and then add zebra stripes using your top coat. And you are done.
23. Giraffe nails
This is amazing variation of giraffe print nails. You need to have good hands in drawing giraffe for getting this look but with little practice you can get it right.
24. Lady bug nails
Lady bug nails are very easy to do and look very cute in spring. For this you first paint your nails in red and add black tip and a line to divide your nails into two parts. Now add a few black dots for the spots and white dots for the eyes.
25. Colourful lady bugs
You can make lady bug nails in different colors also. You can do each nail in different color as well to convert your manicure into a colorful one.
26. Butterfly nail art 2
You can add beautiful butterflies to your nails. Butterfly nails look fabulous in spring/summer. If you dont have the skill to make butterflies free hand, then you can opt for stickers, water decals or stamping plates.
27. Bumblebee nails
These look very refreshing in spring/summer. To get the above look, just paint your nails in yellow and add three black lines. Then, make white and black dots for eyes.
28. Bumblebee nails 2
This is the variation to bumblebee nails. You can paint your nails in yellow. Then draw a little bumblebee on your middle finger and draw its flying path using black dots across ring finger and pinky.
29. Teddy bear nails
They look cute and very chic. Just draw a teddy bear on all your nails or do accent nail according to your wish.
30. Teddy bear nails with paw prints
You can add paw print nails along with teddy bear to get this amazing nail art look.

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