animal themed nail art designs

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Animal Themed Nail Art Designs

11. Neon leopard print
You can draw neon spots leopard print on one side of your nails to get this funky and playful look.
12. Multi print nails
Get this amazing look by adding patches of different animal prints on one nail.
13. Leopard and zebra nails
To get this look, add light brown and white gradient on your nail. Then make leopard print on the brown part and zebra print on the white part of your nail.
14. Zebra stripes
This nail art looks a little tough but it is in fact quite easy to do. For this just paint your nails black and add zebra stripes with white and blue.
15. Leopard print
If you dont like full manicure with leopard print, then you can go with accent nail manicure as above.
16. Leopard variation
This is a variation to the previous manicure. Leopard print is so versatile that it looks awesome in any color and it is one of the favorite prints of nail technicians.
17. Leopard again
You can do leopard print nails like above by painting your nails with two colors half and half. Now add glitter dots and outline your nails in c curves and add a few random spots with black color. Add one rhinestone in the centre of your nail near the cuticle. Top coat your nails.
18. Studded zebra nails
You can add rhinestones to your animal prints to make them blingy.
19. Panda dots
You can make some amazing eye catching looks using animal prints as above.
20. Ruffian animal print
You can be little creative and can do amazing animal ruffian look as above.

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