101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A living door with a face greets the characters as they come into the room. He doesn't want to let them through, but if they persist, then he says he requires a living sacrifice. If they try to get through anyway, he chooses one of them at random and traps them in a constricting magic jar. He can be persuaded to let his target go, but only at a steeper price. If they pay the price, he lets them through.

A room with another smaller room inside of it. Blood and gore has seeped out through the door of the smaller room and soaked the floor. If the players go inside, they find a sickeningly macabre scene of dismembered corpses- then the door locks, and the walls (or the ceiling) sprout knives and start to move.

(Great for the next room) A real tsunami-style tidal wave rises up to crush the characters.

A thick wall of ice blocking passage that shoots blades out ten inches when touched. (1d6)

A long gravel corridor with a heavy statue of a laughing guy in football gear holding a rope at one end and a car trunk at the other. Drag the man through the gravel to the car trunk and connect them to pass.

A room crammed full of rotten barrels filled with decaying dynamite. No room to get around- over is the only way.

While in a town buying supplies, looking for work, or relaxing, a wizard in that same town unwittingly opens a singularity bubble in his tower, making the town the focal point of a baby black hole that the whole world is slowly imploding into. (Great start for a new quest.)

The characters enter a room and suddenly steel walls fall from the ceiling and separate them, creating individual hallways from which there appears to be no escape. The walls should be soundproof too. As soon as the character looks away or gets desperate, someone appears who he/she loves or really trusts, and this someone tries to keep them there by any means necessary. Add rising water or heat or other deadly panic-inducers for extra fun. How to get out? Work up the nerve to attack and kill the illusory person.

A long passage of murky, depthless water. Two boats are tied up at the entrance- one that looks rickety and has a little water in the bottom, and one that is new looking, gilded on the edges and looks really watertight. Turns out the "new" boat is actually an illusion, and it disappears in a puff of smoke about half way through. Add water encounters, tentacles, piranhas, kelpies and the like to taste.

A jelly/blob creature partway through a door. (About a foot sticking out.) Turns out that it's just the "tip of the iceberg" as it were, a little piece that had to go somewhere, because the 1000 x 1000 ft room on the other side is already packed completely full with this thing's enormous bulk.

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