101 ideas to say i love you

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Ideas to say I Love You

Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
81. Try New Romantic Things Every Day
Some relationships can feel stale by doing the same things every day. You need to keep changing things up to make your partner feel like you are constantly looking for ways to make them happy.Each day wake up and try to think of one thing that might make your partner's life easier.Look at each meal as an opportunity to make it into a romantic occasion – put a flower into the middle of the table or make a heart on their meal with one of the foods.Place their favorite drink into a wine goblet, even if it's diet soda.Place a note on the bathroom mirror that tells your partner that you love them.Leave an email or a voice mail message that they will hear when you're apart. Tell them all the things that you love about them. Rob had been with his wife for thirteen years and thought that maybe he could do more to make Lucy know that she was loved by him. So, what he did was write down every romantic thing that Lucy commented on when it was seen in a movie or heard from her friends. Then, he had a list of things that he could do for Lucy whenever he felt like things were getting a little stale.

82. Buy An Expensive Bottle Of
CHAMPAGNE Even if you don't have a reason, surprise your partner with a big bottle of champagne. It can be in a glass that's sitting out when he or she arrives home from work or perhaps just in the middle of the day when they're least expecting it. Just go all out on the most expensive bottle of champagne that you can afford as well as strawberries, cheese, and crackers. This is a light and romantic spread that will make them feel like the most special person in the world. Especially when it comes out of nowhere for no reason at all. In fact, it's almost better to surprise them with this glass of champagne when they least expect it. You can also: Include aphrodisiac foods like oysters and chocolate to boost a loving feeling.Make sure that everything looks beautiful – maybe you can cut the cheese in heart shapes.Create a small plate for your partner that you can drop off at their place of work or in their home office. You should try to have an extra bottle of champagne stored somewhere for just such an occasion. And even if it's not expensive champagne, it's the thought that counts.

83. Go To An Amusement Park
With all of the cares of the world, you need to get away from it all with your partner from time to time. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine for revitalizing your relationship. Why not head to your local playground or an amusement park for a day? Though it can be expensive, you can have more fun in one day that you might have on any other date. Be sure to: Try to win prizes for your partner.Always go on rides together and hold on tightly.Try a ride that you're scared of and hold onto your partner.Have cotton candy or elephant ears.Head to the children's rides too. Make sure to walk by all of the various stands and rides, holding hands and enjoying the playfulness of the scene. The point of an amusement park, fair, or playground is to be silly with each other. Taking any relationship too seriously isn't a guarantee that you will have a better relationship.

84. Massages For Anyone
Who hasn't wanted to have someone rub away their stresses and their muscle tension? When you get a massage from your loved one, you're going to feel their love with every stroke and rub. Here are some tips for as great massage for the bigger muscles of the body: Use long movements Push hard, but not too hard.Rub in circles until the muscle begins to feel looser.Use your thumbs on the back of the shoulders and neck. Places that you should definitely massage: Back Shoulders Neck Hands Feet To make sure that your hands move easily over the skin, invest in some massage oil or some massage lotion. Apply this to the skin before you get started – it should be just enough to make the skin moist, but not too greasy or too dry. Your fingers should be able to move easily over the skin.

85. Light Candles Whenever You Can
What's great about candles is that you can create a romantic mood at any time of the day. You can light them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and every time in between. Try making it a ritual to light candles before bed each night as well as in the morning. Some fun places to use candles include: Bring small tea lights and glasses to bring candles wherever you go – even in the car.In the bathroom – light candles when you take a shower or when your partner is taking a bath.Bring candles with you on picnics on the beach too. Go shopping for candles together so that you both can enjoy the scent that you have burning at times of the day. You don't want to pick anything that's too sweet or too strong. If you're not sure what you want, try a number of different scents until you find one that you like. Of course, it doesn't look that romantic when you leave a candle unattended, so be sure that you have the candle sitting in a metal or glass container whenever you leave the room.

86. Learn Other Ways To Say I Love You
Why not change things up by saying “I love you” in different languages? You can easily go to a bookstore to look up the different ways to say “I love you” in many language. Here are some of the many ways that you can say that you love someone. Afrikaans : Ek is lief vir jou Apache : Sheth shen zhon Cheyenne : Ne mohotatse Chickasaw : Chiholloli (first 'i' nasalized) Hopi : Nu' umi unangw'ta Mohawk : Konoronhkwa Navajo : Ayor anosh'ni Sioux : Techihhila Zuni : Tom ho' ichema Brazil/Portuguese : Eu te amo Canadian (French) : Sh'teme Czech : Miluji te Danish : Jeg elsker dig Dutch : Ik hou van je, Ik hou van jou Equador : Quechua Canda munani Farsi : Tora dost daram Filipino (Phillipino) : Mahal ka ta French : Je t'aime, Je t'adore Greek : S'ayapo Hawaiian : Aloha wau ia oi Hebrew : Ani ohevet otcha (female to male) Hungarian : Szeretlek Irish : Taim i' ngra leat Japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru Kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem Latin : Te amo Latvian : Es tevi milu Lebanese : Bahibak Luxembourgish : Ech hun dech ga"r Moroccan : Kanbhik Portuguese : Eu amo te Romanian : Te iubesc, Te ador Russian : Ya tyebya lyublyu Serbian : Volim te Slovak : Lubim ta Spanish : Te amo, Te quiero And if you can't find one that you want to use, try looking at online sites for other ways to translate “I love you” into another language that you prefer. Try to find a new way to say, “I love you” for each day.

87. Play Hooky From Work
If you don't have the extra time to spend with your partner, why not call off from work and make the time for your partner? When you're both in jobs that you can call off from without any repercussions, you will want to call off one morning and then tell your partner to call off too. There are plenty of ways to spend this day: Stay in bed all day.Don't change out of your pajamas.Have comfort foods – macaroni and cheese Watch daytime television Make crank calls Paint your nails or have your partner paint your nails Make chicken noodle soup If you want to go somewhere on this hooky day, you might want to go far away from the town that you live – just in case someone might see you and get you in trouble. Denise and Marvin try to take at least one ‘sick' day every other month off with each other. They sleep in late and make coffee for each other – even splurging on fancy espresso drinks with their home espresso machine. Then they grab a lot of blankets, sit on the couch and let each other have one hour's control of the remote. In the afternoons, they watch movies and take a nap with each other. By taking this time together, they get to be alone without any distractions, just being with each other.

88. Warm Up The Sheets Or Cool Them Down
A fun way to make your winters full of love is to warm up your sheets before you head into bed. You can even warm up the sheets without telling your partner that you did it. This is what you have to do: Take the sheets and the pillowcases and put them in the microwave for just a few seconds.Or you can iron the sheets and pillowcases to warm them up.Put them on the bed before you jump into bed – they will stay warm for a few minutes.You can also take those hand warmer packets and place them between the pillows and the sheets to help keep them warm all day.Make sure the heat or the AC has been on before they come home so that the temperature is always comfortable. Of course, you might want to cool the sheets down if it's really hot outside. That's also an easy way to show that you love your partner – just put the sheets inside a plastic bag in a freezer for a few minutes. You can also place ice packs in the bed to help keep things cool when you're trying to sleep in the summer. Put a fan in the room too on those hot days and have a spray bottle filled with water to help cool down your partner – when they least expect it!

89. Cheer Your Partner On
If your partner is on a team or in a group of some sort that you can watch, you should go and support them whenever you can. Here are some ways to really show your support: Hold up a sign with their name on it Shout out your support as loudly as you can Show up for every game Wear clothes that show your support Keep track of your partner's success Learn about the game or the sport so that you can talk with your partner about it.Help them with practice or other preparations for the game time.Surprise them once in a while by coming to a game that you said you couldn't attend. Partners like to see that their lovers support the things that they do – even if they say that they don't. It shows that you care about the things that your partner does when they're not with you. You don't have to join the team with them, but just showing up from time to time can show your partner how much you love them.

90. Do Their Car Maintenance
While it might not seem like a way to show someone that you love them, doing the car maintenance for your partner will show them that you're concerned about their safety when they're not around to protect you. And that's a very loving gesture. Why not… Get their oil changed for them Bring their car into the shop every six months Check the air pressure in their tires Make sure they have enough oil in their car Fill up their gas tank when you notice it's low Clean and vacuum out the car These little steps are easy for anyone to do and they can help keep your partner safe from harm as well as keep their car in great working order. Doing these things for a partner that doesn't remember to do them is all the better. Some partners just don't have the time to get around to maintaining their car. Why not step in to help? Jackson always made sure that Moira's car was up to date on the service that was needed or any other small maintenance tasks. Once a week, when she was sleeping in, he would take her car to the local gas station and service shop to fill it up with gas, vacuum and wash the exterior, check the oil and the tires in addition to getting any repairs done. Of course, Moira appreciated them, but not so much as the cup of coffee he always brought back for her too.

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