101 ideas to say i love you

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Ideas to say I Love You

Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
71. When One Of You Has Lost Weight
Losing weight not only can affect your health, but it can also affect your relationship. You'll both be healthier and more energetic, and probably more loving to each other. To support and celebrate this accomplishment of your partner, you will want to do something special for them: Take them away for a special weekend – This doesn't even have to be at a hotel, but rather turn off all the phones and be with your partner for a whole weekend of undivided attention. Celebrate with healthy meals and go for walks with them.Give them the gift of your own support – Join them in some of their exercise activities if you don't already.Eat whatever they're eating to help show your support during this time.Always support their goals and try not to undermine their success.Let everyone know how proud you are of them.

72. Leave A Loving Message
When you're away from your partner when there's something to celebrate, it's a good time to take advantage of the process of voice mail. What you'll want to do is leave a message that tells them how proud you are of them for whatever has happened as well as maybe their favorite song in the background. You can also text message them when you hear the good news or send them a picture over your phone of you giving them a thumbs up or some other loving gesture. There are also a number of websites that will allow you to send free greeting cards for any occasion to your partner – these can be customized and personalized to suit the occasion as well as your partner, if you want. What's great about messages like email and ecards is that your partner can print them out and look at them whenever they want to. If you're really looking to show someone that you're proud, you can also compile these notes into a small notebook that they can keep.

73. Kiss Them Passionately
A kiss isn't just a kiss when there's something to be celebrated. You really want to sweep them off their feet with a celebration kiss. Here are some ways to sweeten up your next smooch: Make the kiss last at least five seconds Have fresh breath Hold their head or face as you kiss them Kiss them in the rain Tip them back as you kiss them Catch them off guard Close your eyes You want to make this a kiss that they wish would never end. Try to feel the love that you have for your partner as you kiss them for as long as you can both stand it. James always takes Keisha's hands when he goes to kiss her, just like when they first started dating. He pulls her to the side of the room and kisses her softly and slowly. Places you can kiss your partner: On the next On their head In the car On a train In a taxi Etc.

74. Your Second Honeymoon Camps Out
If you missed your first honeymoon, you want to make that a priority now. Spending time together celebrating the fact that you're a couple is a great way to solidify for love for each other. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip in a fancy hotel or in a fancy locale. You could even spend the night at a campsite in your local park: Bring only one sleeping bag.Bring a very small tent.Roast marshmallows Make S'mores Bring premade foods in a cooler – i.e. potato salad, fruits, etc. Being together is the main idea for this second honeymoon idea. Try to find a campsite that's far away from a lot of people and one that's near the trail that goes to a clearing where you can see the stars. If your partner doesn't like to camp, you might want to bring an air mattress to make sleeping easier, plus make sure that there are suitable bathrooms and showers for your partner to use. Call ahead to the site or look at the site ahead of time to make sure that it's comfortable for the both of you. If you're not sure, you could always rent an RV for the night to have a home away from home for you and your partner.

75. Looking At The Sunrise Differently
Another fun idea originated with Olivia and Arnold. They like to celebrate big moments in their life by getting up early in the day when all is quiet and still – to meet the sunrise with their happiness. They pack a sunrise picnic and drink mimosas while the sun comes up at their local beach. If you don't have a nearby beach, a nature place can work just as well. Get to a place that faces the east and open up a picnic basket filled with: Juice Champagne Bagels and pastries Napkins and a table cloth A portable stereo that plays romantic music A camera You can sit and hold each other as the sun rises and then enjoy a beautiful setting for a breakfast that lets you both enjoy each other's company. You can also stay up all night and wait for the sunrise, if you like. Just check the local paper to see when the sun is expected to rise and whether it will be a clear day before you make this place – for the best results.

76. Have Dessert In Bed
If you're looking to sweeten up your relationship, you can serve your partner dessert in bed – even if you like fruit instead of cake. What you should do is have your partner go to bed as they normally would (this works well when your partner doesn't immediately fall asleep, though). When they're getting ready for bed, bring out a tray with dessert and one spoon or fork. Share the dessert back and forth between each other without speaking, if you can. Just play some soft romantic music and see what happens. Other ideas include: Always place a small chocolate on your partner's pillow Make a dessert date – have your partner request a certain dessert to be served in bed, but don't tell them when you plan on doing it.Extend this ‘date' to a whole meal in bed.

77. Get Out The Camera
Taking pictures of your partner is a great way to show them just how much you love them and love looking at them. Here's what you'll need: A digital camera or a Polaroid camera – you can do this with a regular camera too, but if you want to look at the pictures immediately, you may want to have these options available.A few pieces of paper A few large frames for photos A pen or makeup pencil This is a fun activity that can bring you both together as well as show just how much you love each other. You don't have to do this activity with each other, though it's a lot more fun if you do. Take the pen or pencil and write “I love you” on a few places on your body. Take pictures of those places. Then, takes pictures of yourself in various positions. Create a collage of these pictures to give to your partner. You can repeat this activity whenever you want to be fun and spontaneous with your partner. You might also want to leave these pictures in various places for your partner to find – assuming that nothing's too risquι.

78. Get Lost With Your Partner
Spontaneity is something that's not really celebrated in this world anymore. But love really isn't meant to be planned out in detail. To help bring the love and excitement back into your relationship, you need to do something wild and crazy every once in a while. Like getting lost with them. All you need is a day or two as well as a car with a full tank of gas. Head in the opposite direction of your home; just drive until you come upon a new city or a new place that you've never been before.Take pictures.Try local restaurants.Hike in the local parks.Buy small trinkets.Talk to the locals. When you feel like you've seen enough of one town, move onto another one and another one until you want to go home or you find a cheap little hotel to spend the night at. You can bring a map with you of course, but the point is to try new things together and have an adventure. Don't have a plan – just head out the door.

79. The Airport Arrival
Most of us will have to take a trip by airplane without our partner from time to time. Why not turn it into an exciting and loving greeting? Here are some ideas: Bring flowers to bring to your partner.Hold a large sign with their name on it.Make sure to be on time and waiting for them at baggage claim or wherever they will be walking out.Try to surprise them when they're walking out of the airport.Grab their luggage so they don't have to carry it.Bring them something to drink when they get off the plane – water's always a good thing after being on a plane. Of course, bringing them a small snack and a big kiss is the best way to greet your partner after a long trip. Since Austin's job takes him away from Monica a few times a month, they've gotten used to meeting and greeting each other at the airport. Monica has even created a ritual that she greets him with every time. She brings him his favorite fruit juice and makes sure that they have nice music to listen to on the way home. She also asks him questions about his trip, listening without talking at all. And Austin returns the favor by always bringing something back from his trip.

80. The Cheapest Date Ever
Instead of having to go out and dress up for your partner, why not look for a way to show them that you love them right at home? Think about what your partner values in your alone time. Do they like to eat? Do they like to watch movies with you or listen to music? Try to find something that the both of you like that you can do with things that you have at home. Here's a fun way to do it: If you're making dinner together, you can look through the cupboards to see what you have already available. And make a game of what kind of dishes you can make.Cook together.Each can choose a movie to watch while you are eating or simply sit at your table with soft music. Heck, you can dance with each other after dinner if you like. You can also try these cheap date ideas: Have a private card playing night.Play all the games in your game closet.Have an art night with each other.Go window shopping for things for your home.

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