101 ideas to say i love you

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Ideas to say I Love You

Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
21. When You're Dating
Realizing that you love someone is a big step in any relationship. What you might not realize is that it doesn't always happen over a certain period of time – some people know they love each other in days, while others take months and years. However, this is a special moment that you want to really get right in order to make it a memorable time for both of you.Create a special time when you can both be together and be uninterrupted. If you tell your partner that you have something important to talk to them about, that will keep them excited for what is about to happen.Look them in the eyes when you say it.Say it whenever it feels right. Sometimes, saying, “I love you” without planning it or waiting for the ‘right' time is better than something more complicated.Don't expect them to say it back to you – in fact, let them know that they don't have to repeat it. When you let someone know that you just simply love them and can't bear to keep it to yourself any longer, but you don't expect anything in return, it can be the sweetest moment of your relationship.

22. When You've Been Divorced
Falling in love after being married once before is something that takes time. You might be hesitant to start something new because you're afraid that you may have the same problems or end up losing another person that you love. When Trina got divorced from her first husband, she thought that she was going to live alone for the rest of her life. But when she met Finn, she thought that he might be the next ‘right one' for her. So, she realized one day that she loved him and turned to him to say, “What would you say if I told you I loved you?” This caught him off guard, but it was so casual that he smiled and told her that he loved her too. You can be as simple as Trina was, or you can try one of these ideas: Create a romantic setting at home – This creates a unique place for you to say, “I love you” on your own home turf. It will make your more comfortable and help you to show your feelings more easily.You want to say “I love you” in person.Trace the letters on their back and have them guess what you're writing. They might not be able to guess, but that's not the point. You have to then tell them what you wrote.

23. When You're Moving Into A New Home
With the moving part behind you, you can find even more ways to welcome your partner into the new home with your love and gratitude for them. Here are some simple ways to show your love to your partner: Arrange their bedroom or their office so that they can use it immediately. This will show them that you support their activities and their comfort.Give them the bigger half of the closet – if that's something they like and want.Go to a store to pick out decorations that you both enjoy.Let them display their collection of ___________. When Jen moved in with Bill, she knew that his collection of movie posters was something that he really felt strongly about. So, when they finished moving the boxes into their new home, she told him that he could start making the house feel like a home by putting up his treasured movie posters.

24. From A Man To A Woman
While love is love, there are certainly a number of ways to show it to someone. When you're a man that wants to say, “I love you” to a woman, you might want to remember that women enjoy the romantic side of love; the timeless nature of love. In knowing this, you should consider trying to be as romantic as you can in order to show her and tell her that you love her. Here are some creatively unique ideas: Find out the song that she considers ‘yours' and play it the next time you are together.Create a whole day in which she gets to plan what you'll do together – no matter what she chooses, be happy and supportive of the choices.Take her dancing – line dancing, square dancing, etc. Any kind of dancing that she likes, take her out for a class or a night of that kind of dancing.Create a gift basket of things that she might like – if she's a traveling salesperson, for example, show her that you love her by giving her things she can use on her long flights – i.e. audio books By taking the time to come up with something that really shows her that you love her, she'll be able to think back on that special memory whenever she needs an extra boost.

25. From A Woman To A Man
Showing a guy that you love him isn't always a difficult thing to do. Many guys like simple things and to just spend time together with you, but if you want to do something really special, you will want to think outside of the ‘normal' things and start thinking about what makes your relationship something that you treasure. Susie wanted to tell her new boyfriend that she loved him, but she didn't want to make it a big deal because Craig was a pretty laid back and casual guy. So, she did the following things: Made a list of the dates they'd been on – where they'd been and anything special that might have happened.She then asked Craig out for an evening that started in the middle of the afternoon with a trip to the place where they had their first date.Then they went to the next date place, and so on.By the end of the ‘tour' of their past dates, she took him somewhere new that he'd always wanted to go to – and then she told him that she loved him – no mater how many more places they went to.

26. When You've Gotten Back Together
If you've been in a relationship that's suddenly ended and you decided to get back together to try again, you might feel oddly about sharing feelings that you've already had with this person. You might feel like you were repeating yourself or that they might already know how you feel. But since you're starting over, why not take this opportunity to do things the ‘right' way this time? Here are some creative ways to make this new relationship's “I love you” moment into something new: Create a simple story on a piece of nice paper that talks about the previous relationship and what you loved about it.Talk about anything that you might have done wrong in the past relationship as well as the plans that you have to avoid these kinds of problems in the future.Promise them that you will always treat them better than you did before and that you love them more now because you're both working on something special.Take a picture of the two of you when you make this new statement of love – and hang it somewhere that you can both see it. Put a small note on it or on the back of it that says, “When the love began again.”

27. In Front Of Other People
While saying “I love you” is generally a private time, for some people, it's something that you want to shout to the world, so why not do that? You can tell your partner that you love them and want everyone to know that you love them – by telling them in public in front of a lot of people. Here are some fun ways to do that: You could shout it to everyone that's around you.Have it announced over a public address system.Pass a note to them if you're in a crowd.Dedicate a song to them when you're out on a date.Bring a small sign with you that says, “I love you” and show it to them throughout the night. Jeremy decided that his fiancée Christa needed to hear that he loved her in a more dramatic way, but didn't want to embarrass her either. One night when they were out with their parents at dinner, he had someone tell his fiancée that there was a call for her on their phone. When she got up to answer it, it was Jeremy on the other line telling her that he loved her very much. Though she blushed, it was something she would never forget.

28. On The First Anniversary
Making it to your first anniversary (whether it's one month, one week, or one year) is a milestone that you should certainly celebrate with your partner. You might want to show them just how much you care by doing something to commemorate the evening. For example, you could: Find a picture from the first year of your relationship and have it professionally matted and framed for your partner. Have the photo finish store change it to a black and white portrait for an even bolder effect.Recreate your first kiss, if you can remember that details. Go to the place where you first kissed, remind your partner of that time, and then kiss again.Choose a small trinket to give your partner that they can carry around or hang or store at home. Each year, give them another to show that your relationship is getting longer and longer. For example, you might want to give a collector of stamps or figurines one more to add to their collection for each year that you are together.

29. On The Tenth Anniversary
With ten years under your relationship ‘belt,' you might want to do something a little more adventurous and dramatic for your anniversary. Tina and George were high school sweethearts that dated for five years before actually getting married. When they had hit their ten year anniversary, they wanted to do something wild to celebrate how long they had been together. They thought about going on a cruise or heading to a fancy restaurant, but that really wasn't their style and they didn't want to spend a lot of money on one day. Tina wanted to surprise George with something that would be special, but not too expensive. So, she called up the bakery that handled their wedding cake and asked if one layer of that cake could be made for their special day. That night when they sat down to a quiet dinner at home, wine and soft music, she told him that she had done something to remind him of their wedding day. As she walked out, she was wearing her veil and carrying the wedding cake. She whispered, “Would you marry me again?” And George said, “Of course,” and they danced to their favorite wedding songs.

30. On The Fiftieth Anniversary
Few people seem to be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary anymore; though they should be celebrating. Spending half of a century with someone is a major milestone in your life and should be treated as such. For this anniversary, it might be a good time to bring the family together in order to celebrate. But that doesn't mean that you have to rent a hall or do anything that's expensive or time consuming. Here are some simple ideas: Have a child handle the invitations or the invites to the party.Have the party at someone's house from the family – someone with a place large enough for everyone that can attend.Let it be a potluck occasion where everyone brings something to share.Have one large glass of wine before the meal begins, passing it from you to your spouse, each taking a sip. Then you can pass it around to the rest of the family to take a sip too. You can say something like, “While I've been lucky to spend my life with this beautiful man/woman, we want to thank everyone else for supporting us and loving us as the family we are today.” Look into your spouse's eyes and thank them for the years that you've spent together. You might want to share stores with the family and various other nostalgia to show everyone just how much you care about each other.

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