101 ideas to say i love you

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Ideas to say I Love You

Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
39. If A Child Passes Away
If you ever have to face the situation of a child passing away, the strain on a relationship can be exhausting. At this difficult time, you need to be there for your partner, supporting them, and showing them that you love them.Take time away from work if you can – You want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. You need to support each other and not worry about the rest of the world at this point.Talk about your child together and reminisce – Tell stories, bring out old pictures, and remind your partner that you're both going through this together.Show each other your grief – By sharing your grief with each other, you will allow the other to see that you're being affected too.Create a space where you can remember your child. When Jim and Dawn lost their daughter Kelsey in a car accident, everyone brought them pictures of dragonflies and angels. Dawn decided that they would create a small space in their backyard as a place where they could sit and remember their daughter. Dawn decorated the space and Jim prepared the lawn for the area. In doing this, they were actively supporting and loving each other.

34. When A Partner Is Stressed
Any period of stress is hard on a person. No matter if the stress is because of something that the partner took on or from outside influences, you can help them get through by doing these simple things: Create a favorite meal for them and bring it to them if they're working.Help them with anything that you can – even if you're just calling to reschedule their dental appointment, try to pitch in whenever you can.Offer to rub their shoulders whenever they want. Give a foot rub at the end of the day.Send them encouraging notes or stick sticky notes of encouragement in places where they will see them.Let them know that you can take them away from a break if they need one – Some people don't realize that they need a break until someone offers to help them. When Anne would get behind in her writing deadlines, her husband Joe always knew that she needed to get out of the house for a few hours and she would be right back on track. So, whenever he noticed that she was getting up from her desk more often, he would offer to take her to the grocery store for soda or a snack. This always helped her calm down and become more focused when she returned home. It might sound small to you, but Anne loved Joe for doing it. Having him kick her out of her stress did the trick every time.

62. A ‘Skate' Way To Celebrate
We rarely have time to be with each other anymore, so why not go back to your childhood for ways to have fun with your partner? Take your partner to the local skating arena – ice or roller – to have an afternoon of fun with them. It doesn't cost a lot, but it can certainly be a fun time that will feel like a private party for you and your partner. Be sure to hold hands and dance during all of the ‘couple's skates' that they have. You might also want to put on their skates for them or getting their skates for them. Ice skating is particularly romantic when it's late at night and it's at an outdoor rink that you can use. Bundle up with your partner, bring some hot cocoa and then have a blast skating round and round the rink. When you're done, cuddling is a great way to warm yourselves back up. John and Randa are big fans of going skating whenever they have gotten done with a week of work. They meet each other at the rink as though they were meeting up for a date and then drive to the local diner for hamburgers and fries.

36. When You Or Your Partner Is Sick
In times when one of you is sick, you can step up and try to heal them with your love. When Lynn went into the hospital with blood clots in her lungs, her husband David stayed by her side whenever she was awake. He brought her favorite books and clothes to wear while she recuperated and brought her food when the cafeteria food wasn't palatable. He also: Helped her clean up in the mornings.Asked questions of the doctors and wrote down questions that he wanted to ask.Brought flowers and had people call her when he wasn't able to stay.Learn about the medicine that she would need to take when she got home and reminded her about an allergy that she had to a medication so that she could ask for something else. Even if you don't know a lot about your partner's medical history, you need to is something should happen to them. Today might be the perfect day to ask your partner if there is anything you might need to know about their health so that in case of an emergency, you can help them get through it.

14. Mother's Day
When your partner is the mother of your children, you have a great opportunity to show her how much you love her on Mother's Day. While not everyone recognizes this day, it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate your glowing mom.Have your children create something for their mom that they choose or make with their own hands. While you might want to show them what to do, it's best to let their imaginations run wild. They're certainly going to come up with something better than you might.Take the children away from the house if mom needs a break for Mother's Day. Take the kids to their grandparent's house, if mom would like that or send mom on a spa day to help her celebrate herself.Write your favorite mom a list of all the things that you appreciate when it comes to her parenting. Try to talk about specific times when she's done something for one of your children. This gives her an idea of how much you love her and really appreciate the things that she does.Recognize your partner as a loving mom every day, not just on this one day of the year. Being a mother can be tough work, and by showing her how much you appreciate her role, you're showing your genuine love for your partner.

56. When Chasing Is Good
When Jill and Drew had a big fight, she was sure that this was the end of heir relationship. They had fought so often lately and it just seemed like things were heading into the eventual end of their time together. Not ready to give up, Drew decided that he wasn't doing enough when they were fighting. He would always just leave the room or let her leave without saying a word. Instead, he decided that in the next fight they had, he would chase after her. When he and Jill were fighting and getting to the point when they would leave each other alone, he reached to her and touched her arm. He said, “I don't want you to leave this time or any time. I love you and while I know things are hard, we will make it through this. I will always chase after you to make sure we don't leave each other without saying how much we love each other.” That simple thing made Jill realize that she truly loved Drew and had been testing him to see if he'd leave her along – and that this action made her feel worse about their fights. But when Drew chased after her, she realized that he loved her. Of course, they still had their fights, but they also had more good times than bad times after this chase.

50. Picnic It Out
When you change the situation, you can change your feelings about it. Couples have troubles, but it's how you deal with the troubles that will ensure that you both know how much you love each other. For a fun way to work things out, have your partner meet you at a local park or at a local outdoor table. But don't tell them what you are doing. By taking the first step towards making things better, you can help make things much more easy to talk about. Pack a lunch of all of your favorite foods and even some wine, if you like. Set out a table that's beautiful, maybe some flowers and other fun things like: Real wine glasses Napkins Nice plates The point is to make a pretty setting that will allow your partner to be caught off guard. You want to surprise them and make them realize that you just want to go back to the way things were before this tough time. Feed them their food, if you like. Serve them their wine and other foods – and see if they're still mad after that first class treatment.

77. Get Out The Camera
Taking pictures of your partner is a great way to show them just how much you love them and love looking at them. Here's what you'll need: A digital camera or a Polaroid camera – you can do this with a regular camera too, but if you want to look at the pictures immediately, you may want to have these options available.A few pieces of paper A few large frames for photos A pen or makeup pencil This is a fun activity that can bring you both together as well as show just how much you love each other. You don't have to do this activity with each other, though it's a lot more fun if you do. Take the pen or pencil and write “I love you” on a few places on your body. Take pictures of those places. Then, takes pictures of yourself in various positions. Create a collage of these pictures to give to your partner. You can repeat this activity whenever you want to be fun and spontaneous with your partner. You might also want to leave these pictures in various places for your partner to find – assuming that nothing's too risqué.

40. If You Lose Your Home
As a couple that has bought a house together, invested in a house together, and built a life in a house together, losing your home to foreclosure, natural disaster, or fire can be devastating. To help show your love to your partner, you would deal with this situation as you would any other loss: Frame a picture of your old house that you can both look at and remember when things are getting difficult.Try to be positive when talking with your partner about the advantages of having a new home and a new place to live – Let the know that you will live with them no matter where you both end up.Create a plan of attack to find a new home - Focus always on the future instead of what you have lost.Make a book with your partner about all of the stories that you associate with the home that you lost.

54. A New Beginning, A New Chapter
Go to a used bookstore to find a nice looking book. What kind of book it is doesn't really matter so long as it's pretty and will look decorative. What you'll want to do next is cut out letters or print out quotes that refer to forgiveness or starting over. These should also look nice because they're going to be a part of this project. Take the book and try to cut out a few page middles so that you have a hollow space in the middle. Place the quotes at the bottom of this section and then place a few smaller photos of you and your partner in the hollow book as well. Write on the first page (that you should leave in place) something to the effect of: My life is an open book, but I'd like to start over with you at the first chapter. I know that we've done some things that have made the plot twist, but I'd like to reach the end of our book with you. You can choose to wrap the book up or simply take the book and give it to your partner.

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