Healthy Eating Habits
101 tips and tricks to develop healthier eating habits to jump-start your own efforts.
Salads aren't just for lunch and dinner. Fresh greens with a vinaigrette are a wonderful, fresh option to enjoy with egg or tofu scrambles for breakfast.

If you eat red meat, look for a source for local grass-fed beef, which has a much healthier fat profile (twice as many Omega-3s) and support your local agriculture. Check here for resources.

Enjoy takeout sandwiches when you're in a hurry, but skip the chips, mayo, and soda, and opt for whole-grain bread.

If you choose not to drink red wine, you can still get the health benefits by eating fresh red grapes or drinking grape juice, which are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Try using low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock (or homemade) in place of water when cooking rice, bulgur, couscous, farro, barley, and other whole grains. It adds a lot of low-calorie flavor.

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