Healthy Eating Habits
101 tips and tricks to develop healthier eating habits to jump-start your own efforts.
Opt for hummus or peanut butter on toast for added protein and healthier fats.

Make your kids' own popsicles with unsweetened fruit juice and fruit, or blend yogurt with fruit juice for a creamier version. You'll make back the money you spent on the molds in a matter of weeks!

Don't deprive yourself of foods that you love. If you're obsessed with the oatmeal-maple scones at your nearby coffee shop, allow yourself to have one once a month, or share with a friend. Deprivation can lead to overeating.

You've heard it a million times, but once more won't hurt: Drink lots of water. Oftentimes when we think we are hungry, we are actually slightly dehydrated. Check here for recommendations for the optimal amount for you.

Take time to chew your food thoroughly. Eating at a slower pace will help your body know when it's really "full," and you'll digest your food better as well.

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