101 ideas to say i love you

Ideas to say I Love You

Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
2. Will You Marry Me?
Getting married is the first big step in any lifelong relationship. But when you want to show someone how much you love them, the engagement becomes all the more important. Here are some ideas: Take a bouquet of flowers and tie the ring around one. Have your soon-to-be fiancé/fiancée receive the flowers with a card that reads, “I will always protect you from the thorns.” Bring your partner to your favorite nature setting. Pack a picnic and have the engagement ring sitting in with their favorite foods. Tell them or write a note that says, “Want to share every meal with me?” Write them a note on a sticky piece of paper and then stick it to their most used credit card.Create a collage of pictures of the two of you together and place it somewhere that your partner will see it – in the middle, write, “Will you marry me? These memories are great, but I'd like to create more…” Popping the question doesn't have to be limited to the man asking the woman either – so women can ask that all important question too.

23. When You're Moving Into A New Home
With the moving part behind you, you can find even more ways to welcome your partner into the new home with your love and gratitude for them. Here are some simple ways to show your love to your partner: Arrange their bedroom or their office so that they can use it immediately. This will show them that you support their activities and their comfort.Give them the bigger half of the closet – if that's something they like and want.Go to a store to pick out decorations that you both enjoy.Let them display their collection of ___________. When Jen moved in with Bill, she knew that his collection of movie posters was something that he really felt strongly about. So, when they finished moving the boxes into their new home, she told him that he could start making the house feel like a home by putting up his treasured movie posters.

98. Learn A Recipe From Mom
Whether you realize it or not, your partner's mom is still one of the most important people in their lives (in most cases). This is a woman that raised them and protected them, so it's no wonder that their mom is someone they feel should be respected and revered. So, if you want to show your partner that you love them, there are a number of ways to honor their mom: Find a recipe from their mom and learn how to make it JUST the way that mom did – This might take special lessons from their mom, but that will be even more touching to your partner.Have their mom give them their recipe book to copy and try on your own.Have mom over often to show her that you love her just as much as your partner does.Always remember mother's day for her too.Always remember her birthday.If you have a question about something that she knows a lot about, call her up and ask her for the answer.Ask your partner about their mom – What was she like when you were growing up? What are some stories about her? When you take the time to show that you genuinely care about your partner's mother, you allow them to see that you love everything about them – and especially where they came from. You might even want to write their mom a little thank you note for raising and giving birth to such a wonderful person.

71. When One Of You Has Lost Weight
Losing weight not only can affect your health, but it can also affect your relationship. You'll both be healthier and more energetic, and probably more loving to each other. To support and celebrate this accomplishment of your partner, you will want to do something special for them: Take them away for a special weekend – This doesn't even have to be at a hotel, but rather turn off all the phones and be with your partner for a whole weekend of undivided attention. Celebrate with healthy meals and go for walks with them.Give them the gift of your own support – Join them in some of their exercise activities if you don't already.Eat whatever they're eating to help show your support during this time.Always support their goals and try not to undermine their success.Let everyone know how proud you are of them.

33. When A Partner Has Lost A Job
Losing a job is a tough time for anyone, even if you were anticipating it. In order to help your partner through this time, you need to show them that you love them no matter what has occurred. Here are some ideas for supporting your partner at this time: Distract them from the problem – When your partner thinks about what has happened, they can begin to feel even worse about the situation. Try to talk them out to your favorite restaurant or bar in order to get them away from the troubles in their head.Help them create a new resume to go job hunting with or offer to help with their job hunt.Make up a fake resume for them that outlines all of the great qualities you think they have and why they are better off finding a new job that appreciates these qualities.Check in on them if they're sitting at home during the day or meet with them whenever you can.Don't share this information with others unless your partner wants you to. By keeping this information to yourself, you will allow your partner the space to figure out what they think about it. When your partner loses a job, they want to know that they're still ‘okay' as a person, so you should make sure that you're constantly complimenting them and reminding them just how great a person they are.

73. Kiss Them Passionately
A kiss isn't just a kiss when there's something to be celebrated. You really want to sweep them off their feet with a celebration kiss. Here are some ways to sweeten up your next smooch: Make the kiss last at least five seconds Have fresh breath Hold their head or face as you kiss them Kiss them in the rain Tip them back as you kiss them Catch them off guard Close your eyes You want to make this a kiss that they wish would never end. Try to feel the love that you have for your partner as you kiss them for as long as you can both stand it. James always takes Keisha's hands when he goes to kiss her, just like when they first started dating. He pulls her to the side of the room and kisses her softly and slowly. Places you can kiss your partner: On the next On their head In the car On a train In a taxi Etc.

34. When A Partner Is Stressed
Any period of stress is hard on a person. No matter if the stress is because of something that the partner took on or from outside influences, you can help them get through by doing these simple things: Create a favorite meal for them and bring it to them if they're working.Help them with anything that you can – even if you're just calling to reschedule their dental appointment, try to pitch in whenever you can.Offer to rub their shoulders whenever they want. Give a foot rub at the end of the day.Send them encouraging notes or stick sticky notes of encouragement in places where they will see them.Let them know that you can take them away from a break if they need one – Some people don't realize that they need a break until someone offers to help them. When Anne would get behind in her writing deadlines, her husband Joe always knew that she needed to get out of the house for a few hours and she would be right back on track. So, whenever he noticed that she was getting up from her desk more often, he would offer to take her to the grocery store for soda or a snack. This always helped her calm down and become more focused when she returned home. It might sound small to you, but Anne loved Joe for doing it. Having him kick her out of her stress did the trick every time.

64. A Clean Celebration
Nothing says loving like a clean house that you didn't have to slave to do yourself. To show your partner that you love and respect just how busy they are, you might want to hire a cleaning service for the day or perhaps on a more regular basis. It's not an expensive thing to do either. Here are some options: Pay your older child to do it.Have a cleaning person come once a month or once a week.Find someone that you can trade services with – i.e. you can do their taxes if you're an accountant if they will clean your house. On the other hand, you could also do the dirty work yourself. All you need is a half a day away from your work or other responsibilities. Clean the clutter away. Take out the trash. Take out the recycling. Do the laundry. Clean the bathrooms. Make your bed. Even a few of these items each day will make a big difference and show your partner that you love them.

48. Promising Your Love
Here's a fun way to make up with your partner: When Sam and Emily had a big fight, they'd normally sulk around each other for a while, which didn't help because it seemed tot both of them that they were not ready to make up, nor did they really care if they did. This time, Sam decided that he wanted to do something different to show Emily that he loved her instead of just stomping around until someone apologized. He got out a picture of Emily when she was smiling and happy, pasted it on a piece of paper and wrote: “Dear Emily, This is the smile that I fell in love with. It lights up the room, it lights up my life, and I can not imagine a day without it. When we fight, it becomes dark and I can't think straight until we figure things out. I don't want to miss your smile for one more minute. I promise that I never mean to hurt you when I'm angry and I promise that I will always love you. I'm sorry and I love you. Sam.” Emily couldn't help but smile when she read this and they made a list together of promises for each other. Signing it, they hung it on the wall to remind each other.

87. Play Hooky From Work
If you don't have the extra time to spend with your partner, why not call off from work and make the time for your partner? When you're both in jobs that you can call off from without any repercussions, you will want to call off one morning and then tell your partner to call off too. There are plenty of ways to spend this day: Stay in bed all day.Don't change out of your pajamas.Have comfort foods – macaroni and cheese Watch daytime television Make crank calls Paint your nails or have your partner paint your nails Make chicken noodle soup If you want to go somewhere on this hooky day, you might want to go far away from the town that you live – just in case someone might see you and get you in trouble. Denise and Marvin try to take at least one ‘sick' day every other month off with each other. They sleep in late and make coffee for each other – even splurging on fancy espresso drinks with their home espresso machine. Then they grab a lot of blankets, sit on the couch and let each other have one hour's control of the remote. In the afternoons, they watch movies and take a nap with each other. By taking this time together, they get to be alone without any distractions, just being with each other.

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