Ideas to say I Love You
Learn various ways to Say 'I Love You!' to your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long relationship.
Have Dessert In Bed
If you're looking to sweeten up your relationship, you can serve your partner dessert in bed – even if you like fruit instead of cake.
What you should do is have your partner go to bed as they normally would (this works well when your partner doesn't immediately fall asleep, though).
When they're getting ready for bed, bring out a tray with dessert and one spoon or fork.
Share the dessert back and forth between each other without speaking, if you can.
Just play some soft romantic music and see what happens.
Other ideas include:
  • Always place a small chocolate on your partner's pillow
  • Make a dessert date – have your partner request a certain dessert to be served in bed, but don't tell them when you plan on doing it.
  • Extend this ‘date' to a whole meal in bed.

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    When A Partner Has Lost A Friend
    Relationships change – that much is certain. Your partner has their own relationships with friends outside of your romantic relationship that can be just as important to them.
    When something does wrong or they have the unfortunate experience of a friend dying or leaving them alone, you can step in to help ease their pain.
    Some of the best ways to show someone that you love them during this time include:
  • Always being available to listen to them – They will need a sympathetic ear at this time. By letting them experience whatever emotions they need to experience, you show them that you love them no matter what life throws at the two of you.
  • Ask what you can do – Often, there may not be anything you can do, but letting your partner know that you're willing to help is a relief to them.
    Tyler was friends with Doug for thirteen years when they had a bitter falling out over a business matter. They would scream at each other until finally they just couldn't stand to be the same room together.
    Staci tried to help Tyler know that while the rest of his world was falling apart, she still loved him no matter what.
    While this sounds simple, it really helped Tyler through this time: she simply let him react in whatever way seemed necessary. She didn't say anything about any cleaning that needed to be done in their house. She encouraged him to get out of the house and exercise if he wanted to. She tried to allow him the space to grieve for that friendship and offered an honest opinion whenever he asked her opinion.
    In doing so, she showed him that she loved him even when things got ugly.

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    Leave A Loving Message
    When you're away from your partner when there's something to celebrate, it's a good time to take advantage of the process of voice mail.
    What you'll want to do is leave a message that tells them how proud you are of them for whatever has happened as well as maybe their favorite song in the background.
    You can also text message them when you hear the good news or send them a picture over your phone of you giving them a thumbs up or some other loving gesture.
    There are also a number of websites that will allow you to send free greeting cards for any occasion to your partner – these can be customized and personalized to suit the occasion as well as your partner, if you want.
    What's great about messages like email and ecards is that your partner can print them out and look at them whenever they want to. If you're really looking to show someone that you're proud, you can also compile these notes into a small notebook that they can keep.

    When You Or Your Partner Is Sick
    In times when one of you is sick, you can step up and try to heal them with your love.
    When Lynn went into the hospital with blood clots in her lungs, her husband David stayed by her side whenever she was awake. He brought her favorite books and clothes to wear while she recuperated and brought her food when the cafeteria food wasn't palatable.
    He also:
  • Helped her clean up in the mornings.
  • Asked questions of the doctors and wrote down questions that he wanted to ask.
  • Brought flowers and had people call her when he wasn't able to stay.
  • Learn about the medicine that she would need to take when she got home and reminded her about an allergy that she had to a medication so that she could ask for something else.
    Even if you don't know a lot about your partner's medical history, you need to is something should happen to them. Today might be the perfect day to ask your partner if there is anything you might need to know about their health so that in case of an emergency, you can help them get through it.

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    Let Them Play Their Music Loudly
    Everyone needs to let loose on occasion, so why not show your partner that you love them by supporting this? Even if your partner doesn't like their music loud or doesn't like to get ‘crazy,' you can make sure they know they have the space to cut loose when they feel the need.
    This requires that you let loose too and stop taking your relationship so seriously.
    Here are some fun ideas:
  • Let them turn the music up
  • Choose stupid comedies for a movie night
  • Have a food fight
  • Splash in the puddles
  • Create huge sandwiches for a ‘Dagwood' night
  • Drink root beer floats in the middle of the winter
  • Go sledding
  • Head to the local playground to swing There are plenty of ways to get goofy with your partner and it can invigorate your relationship again.

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