101 save money ideas

Save Money Ideas

Saving money brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life. Begin to save money today.
8. Save on Energy
Use energy saving window treatments, such as insulated or heavy draperies and storm windows.

93. Save on General Living Expenses
Learn the principles for cutting family living costs. Learn, practice, and develop skills in the marketplace, in the use of credit, in thrift, and in using financial institutions.

16. Save on Clothing
Study your wardrobe, determine your needs, work out a clothing budget, and stay with it. Clothes bought on impulse rarely fit in your budget or your wardrobe.

43. Save in the Home
Make your own draperies, curtains, spreads, slipcovers, and table covers.

61. Save on Food
Waste less! Each year Alabamians throw many dollars worth of food into garbage cans. This happens not only at home but also in restaurants and school cafeterias.

20. Save on Clothing
Buy designs that will stay in style.

78. Save on Children's Expenses
Start a “child-care pool” with a group of friends to save on babysitting fees.

23. Save on Clothing
Shop factory-outlet stores. Don't assume there is something wrong with clothes sold there. They could be surplus, samples, or discontinued lines. Any imperfect or damaged items must be tagged or advertised as such. And, the flaws in some may be so minor that they don't matter at all.

72. Save on Children's Expenses
Select children's clothes that are functional and comfortable.

9. Save on Transportation
Keep your car in good running condition. It will be safer and will cost less to operate.

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