Ideas to Inspire you Writing
No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
Create an end of the world, apocalyptic scenario, then invent a technology (or other creative means) with which a fraction of humanity can be saved from it. Now project the setting of your story several centuries (or more) into the future from there. How has the presence of this technology or means of survival effected the lives of the people living in that time? What are the new "big problems" and larger changes in the structure, mythology, and general way of life of the survivors? What is it like to live in this time? What are the little things of life? The common problems? (If you're strapped for ideas, consider the "traction cities" of Phillip Reeve's "Mortal Engines" or the "Vaults" of the Fallout series.)

Think of a memorable quote from a book, show or movie, remove it entirely from its original context, streamline/improve it, and then write a story around it using a completely different plot, completely different characters, and even a completely different world!

Create a character who embodies one of the classic seven deadly sins (Greed, gluttony, lust, etc.) and then write a story where they ultimately meet their demise at the hands of that which they so heavily indulge in. Don't go all overboard biblical with it– make the allusions to the cardinal sin more subtle, almost subconscious, and play around with it.

Create a story filled with unexpected, unsettling and unexpected twists that still ultimately seem logical and/or realistic while being incredibly jarring. (Maybe a man accidently takes as hostage the one person who could easily disarm him, or maybe a typical, cliche event [man slips on a banana peel] ends on a different note [man keeps his balance and uses momentum and slipperyness of peel to get to work on time.]) Be creative!

Write a story about a character that blatantly defies conventions, (like a kindly old elderly woman who wears a bonnet, powders her face, goes to church every Sunday– but also loves videogames, or a baby who travels through time and fixes the problems of the future or past, or a mild mannered pastor who whips his congregation up by summoning demons or awakening hordes of the undead,) and then take a trip through that character's life. Is his or her unconventional nature ultimately something that will prove to be the instrument of his or her downfall, or is this unconventional person merely awesome?

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