101 ideas to inspire you writing

Ideas to Inspire you Writing

No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
Consider for a moment what it would be like to be directly involved in analyzing a situation or a threat to a population (of humans, bacteria, or other forms of plant or animal life) and addressing a solution of alternative action that could either be a fix (however temporary or permanent) or a preventative measure. Put yourself in the shoes of a professional scientist who considers it to be her or his duty to look at and handle this burgeoning situation– then write your groundbreaking report. If you're stuck for ideas, create a new disease or "Chronic defect" and then approach it from the observational and detached position of a researcher who is trying to nail down and outline the facts.

Revisit the atrocities of the past in a story. You can either write it as a historical fiction (i.e. something that happens in the period in which the atrocity was practiced– like slavery, etc.) or as something that's happening in a different form (with obvious corollaries) today, or in a future setting.

Write a story where two things that are normally seen as total opposites (like love and garbage) become metaphors for one another. Be creative about it. It can be anything– poverty and affluence, etc.

Look at the ceiling where you are. Truly consider it, study it, and then think about what it would be like if it was suddenly your floor, if suddenly your own personal gravity (and nothing else's) were reversed! What would life be like on the ceiling? Would you have tea parties? Panic uncontrollably? Contemplate mantras of zen buddhism? How would this sudden change in gravity effect your personal life?

Take a song you're really into, listen to it, then incorporate elements, concepts or themes from it into a story. If it's an instrumental piece, think about how it makes you feel, what it reminds you of, and then create a story that uses those images and impressions as part of its most key aspects.

Craft a speech. It could be a future politician's rallying cry, the war plans of a freedom fighter operating out of the underground, or the lost words of some hero (or villain) from the past. Make it real, make it crisp, make it strong and full of power augmented by whatever emotion the "speaker" is trying to convey, whether it be anger, pride, or a solemn sadness.

Write a story where a character is faced with a decision that is very difficult for him or her to make. This is no ordinary decision– it's hard to make, and it needs to be made soon. The stakes should be high (or maybe just need to seem high to the character) and you can even go so far as action if you want. Whatever happens, more focus on the tension of the decision than on something else (like people's looks or action-packed shoot-em-up scenes.)

Write a story about a character that blatantly defies conventions, (like a kindly old elderly woman who wears a bonnet, powders her face, goes to church every Sunday– but also loves videogames, or a baby who travels through time and fixes the problems of the future or past, or a mild mannered pastor who whips his congregation up by summoning demons or awakening hordes of the undead,) and then take a trip through that character's life. Is his or her unconventional nature ultimately something that will prove to be the instrument of his or her downfall, or is this unconventional person merely awesome?

People in today's world have all kinds of strange allergies. Just right now, I can think of three such people, one allergic to red dye #5, one allergic to chlorinated water (as in pools) and one who's allergic to cucumbers (even in the form of pickles.) Using an existing (but bizarre) allergy (or by creating and using a new one) write a story about someone who suffers from it, how it effects their life, and how they ultimately overcome it to live a happier (or at least more interesting) life.

Take the basic concept for a genre or a subgenre (like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction or even Cyberpunk) and recast it through the eyes of an entirely different culture. (Think sword and sorcery gone Kalahari Bushmen or Ancient China's take on Steampunk, for example.) If you need ideas, check out George Alec Effinger's "When Gravity Fails", a book which expertly mixes the rich culture of the Islamic Middle East with the gritty, post-modern flavors of Cyberpunk.

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