101 terrific history truths

Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
Queen Christina of Sweden, who reigned from 1640 to 1654, had a miniature cannon and crossbow for executing fleas.

Saint Ignatius of Antioch prayed to be eaten by wild animals; when the Roman Emperor Trajan sentenced him to be eaten by lions in 110 CE he fell to his knees and thanked him.

Vikings used rancid butter to style and dress their hair.

In 1846, eighty-seven pioneers crossing the mountains of Nevada, USA, became trapped in bad weather. By the end of the winter, forty of them had been eaten by the others.

Mongol leader Tamerlane the Great (1336–1405) executed anyone who told him a joke he had already heard.

Slaves sometimes had to fight to the death in a Roman arena.To make sure they weren't just pretending to be dead, they could be prodded with a red-hot poker and hit on the head with a huge hammer.

Before written or computerized records helped us to keep track of criminals, many countries marked criminals with a tattoo or a branding iron – a red hot iron used to burn a pattern, letter or picture into their skin.This meant that everyone could see what they had done.

In 1740, a cow found guilty of witchcraft was hanged.

The Roman king Tarquin crucified anyone who committed suicide – even though they were already dead – to show other people what would happen to their bodies if they did the same.

Wool used to be softened by people trampling on it in a large vat of stale (two-week-old) urine and ground clay. The people who did this were called ‘fullers'.

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