101 awful food facts

Awful Food Facts

Weird Food Facts around the world. A rat restaurant in China sells rat and snake soup and kebabs.
In Wales, rook pie was considered a tasty way to get rid of a bird that might otherwise eat the crops.

Honey is bee vomit. Bees drink nectar from flowers which they turn into honey before sicking it back up to store in the hive.

Oellebroed is a Danish soup make from stale rye bread soaked in water, then boiled with beer and sugar and served with cream. It's possible to buy instant oellebroed powder – just add water.

P'tcha is an east European Jewish food made by stewing calves' feet until they turn to jelly.

Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans all gave condemned prisoners a last meal.

Marmite, a favourite English spread for toast, is made with the left-over yeasty sludge from brewing beer.

Yeast are tiny fungi (mould), present in bread, beer and wine.The yeast eat sugar in the ingredients, making the gas which forms the bubbles in beer and wine and the holes in bread.

The reproductive organs of sea urchins are eaten raw in many parts of the world, including Japan, Chile and France.

A restaurant in Osaka, Japan, serves whale ice-cream made from the blubber of the minke whale.

Biltong is favoured as a snack by rugby supporters in South Africa. It's dried strips of any meat – elephant, eland, antelope…

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