101 amazing animal data

Amazing Animal Data

Mind boggling facts about Animals. Animal’s word is full of wonders.
Mosquitoes have been around for 200 million years.That's so long that even dinosaurs could have been bitten by them!

Sharks don't have a urinary tract so their urine leaks out of their skin.

A sting-ray has a special cap on the end of its tail which breaks off when it stings, allowing poison to pour out into the wound it's made in its victim.

A baby naked mole rat has transparent skin – you can see its insides right through its skin!

The carpet viper kills more people in the world than any other type of snake. Its bite leads to uncontrollable bleeding.

The only mammals that don't get lice are anteaters, armadillos, bats, duck-billed platypuses, whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Crocodiles carry their young around in their mouths.

Head lice suck blood for about 45 seconds every 2–3 hours, but they can go without a meal for up to two days if they are between heads – on a comb, towel or pillow.

An elephant produces 23 kilograms (50 pounds) of faeces every day.

The Gila monster is a lizard from South America and Mexico. Although it's only just over half a metre (2 feet) long, its bite is so strong that the only way to detach one that's bitten you is to drown it.

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