101 healthy eating habits

Healthy Eating Habits

101 tips and tricks to develop healthier eating habits to jump-start your own efforts.
Whole fruit has more fiber and satisfies longer than juice (even 100% fruit juice).

Grilling is a fun and healthy way to cook just about anything! Vegetables, pizza, chicken, fish—even fruit take on great texture and flavor, and it gets you out of the house on a nice summer evening.

Start a casual cooking or eating group with friends or co-workers who are also interested in sharing healthy, delicious foods at home, at work, or out at restaurants. You'll be sure to try new foods and learn new techniques and recipes.

Share an appetizer, entree, and dessert with your dining companion. Savor all the elements of a quality meal while keeping calories in check.

Experiment with making differents types of salads—you don't need to get stuck in the lettuce-tomato-dressing rut. Fruits, beans, fish, cheeses, olives, and many different types of greens offer endless combinations.

For a pre-game, protein-loaded treat, puree lowfat cottage cheese with salsa for a dip for baked tortilla chips.

Opt for "kiddie" sizes in ice cream parlors. A few spoonfuls are just as satisfying as an entire cone. (Just ask – often kiddie size isn't listed but is available.)

Choose "natural" brands of nut butters when shopping. They don't have the added sugar and hydrogenated oils that "regular" versions do. In fact, peanut oil has a similar effect of lowering "bad" LDL cholesterol as olive oil does.

Dip ripe strawberries in a thin layer of melted dark chocolate, then let cool on wax paper, for an elegant and healthy dessert.

Take time to chew your food thoroughly. Eating at a slower pace will help your body know when it's really "full," and you'll digest your food better as well.

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